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Biochar in Poultry Farming

Feeding My Chickens Natural Charcoal

by JP Daugherty
I feed my chickens charcoal made in a woodstove that heats my house in winter in northeast MO.
While browsing amendments to chicken litter, I read a scientist found charcoal added to chicken manure decreased ammonia by conversion to more stable ammonium...... feed supplemented with 1-3% biochar.
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Feeding chickens charcoal improves litter as fertilizer

by Stephanie Schupska
Univ. of GA Southeast Farm Press
When charcoal is used in chicken feed, bacteria in manure convert uric acid to ammonium, not ammonia. This makes litter less odorous or harmful, and can make litter a better nitrogen fertilizer for crops, too.
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Biochar in
Poultry Farming

by Henning Gerlach
& Hans-Peter Schmidt

Ithaka Institute, Switzerland
Poultry industry disease struggles often trace to microbial pathogens & ammonia in litter. Adding biochar reduces toxic ammonia, regulates litter moisture. Biting coop odor & footpad dermatitis remedied in days.
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Litter-Generated Ammonia Captured by Activated Carbon Derived from Broiler Litter

by K.Brisolara, D.Miles, I.Lima
2011 broiler production was 8.6 billion, valued at $23.2 billion.
Report required for ammonia (NH3) emission of 18.3 tons/year. Industry must reduce NH3 from broiler farms.
Studies shows BAC can adsorb NH3 double commercial carbon. 3-day test: NH3 emission 75% of control.
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Biochar Cuts Nitrogen Loss
in Poultry Litter Compost

CSteiner, KCDass, NMcLear, DLakely
University of Georgia
Poultry litter, an underused fertilizer, contains N, P, K & micronutrients. Composting to reduce potential pathogens, weed seeds and odor often result in high N losses through volatile NH3. Biochar absorbs NH3 & water-soluble NH4+ to reduce N losses in compost.
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Using Chicken Litter
for Biochar

Josh Frye, West Virginia
International Biochar Initiative
Josh Frye raises up to 800,000 chickens a year. This is lots of poop to dispose of, and 30,000 gallons of propane to keep chicks warm in winter. When a buddy suggested visiting an Illinois gasifier to turn poop into heat, Josh was interested.
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Biochar Use in
Cattle Farming

by Achim Gerlach
Ithaka Institute, Switzerland
90% of biochar made in Europe is used in livestock farming. Mixed in feed, added to litter, used to treat slurry, benefits are quickly apparent. Health & well-being of livestock improve in a short time. Nasty smells & nutrient losses are reduced.
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Biochar in the Vinyard

Sustainable Winegrowing

Yealand Family Wines
New Zealand vinyard uses biochar from grapevine prunings to add to compost to store nutrients & water.
Biochar also stores carbon in soil to help to mitigate climate change.
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Biochar Enriched
with Dairy Manure Effluent
Impact on C & N Dynamics

D.V. Sarkhot, A.A. Berhe, T.A. Ghezzehei
Study effect of biochar on leaching loss of soil nutrients and GHGs.
Biochar enriched by shaking 24 hours with dairy manure. Increased C & N in biochar by 9.3% & 8.3%.
8-week incubation & leaching experiments with soil, soil+1% biochar, soil+1% enriched biochar.
Biochar & enriched biochar yielded:
* 68% & 75% nitrification reduction,
* 221 & 229% ammonia reduction,
* 67 & 68% CO2 flux reduction.
Biochar enriched by dairy manure can promote C & N soil storage.
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Sea Minerals in
Dairy Farming

Minerals, Milk & Immunity

by David Yarrow
Acres USA, November 2011
Feeding full spectrum sea minerals to dairy cows increases milk protein and butterfat. Daily feeding yields lower somatic cell counts and other increases in livestock health.
These farm stories reveal the power of micro-nutrients, and highlight how to get the most from the least - the micro-nutrients - trace elements, nano-nutrients, pico-elements.
Beyond mere improved productivity, complete animal nutrition with full spectrum sea minerals assures high-quality, nutrient-dense food.
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Sea Energy in Agriculture

The Life & Research of
Dr. Maynard Murray

by David Yarrow
Acres USA, November 2001
Seawater is a complete menu of minerals—every element that dissolves in water is in seawater, in proper biological ratios.
Dr. Murray began to research animals that don't get cancer. This led him to discover sea water added to farmland improved crop yield, density, nutrients, and flavor.
Muray's 30 years of research show minerals & trace elements are key to immunity and reproduction.
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Onondaga Buffalo

Indigenous Animal & Community

by David Yarrow
My first attempt to use sea minerals in soil was three test plots in a buffalo pasture at Onondaga Nation. Error in calculation led to insights on the power of trace elements in soil, microbes and biology.
Buffalo expressed such keen desire for these trace elements, my test plots resulted in 22 tons getting spread on the 640-acre pasture.
But my greatest surprise and true delight came a year later when I checked my first test plot again.....
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