Dragon and Ice Castle
Rediscover Sacred Space in the Finger Lakes

© 1989 David Yarrow

an eagle eye perspective

Certain special places on Earth are imbued which a distinct intensity. They have different qualities: some are navels, others are springs; some are fire, others water; some are dark holes, or streams of light. Traditional people recognized these places and honored their unique presence. These special places were in human use as sacred spaces before the dawn of written history. Many centuries ago, modern man lost his perception of these natural centers of enegy and spirit, yet still blindly preserves them as parks, plazas and cemeteries.

For seven years, David Yarrow studied these ideas, turning up clues and data to reveal a world hidden within Nature. And "evidence an ancient civilization in upstate New York tapped and manipulated these unseen energies. Most striking are networks of earth mounds, but there are also markstones, stone rings and underground chambers. North America has tens of thousands of these remanents of an unknown past. It seems these vanished ancients had a subtle yet sophisticated technology to locate and construct these forms.

But The Dragon and the Ice Castle is no academic display of site plans and sacred geometry. Rather it's a visceral adventure tale of a perilous pilgrimage into the seed of a storm. Almost singlehandedly, David stands up to Pyramid, one of Syracuse's largest corporations, to delay construction of a $150 million shopping mall in Oil City. By persistence and civil disobedience David brings attention to PCBs in transformers buried under the mall site. His story of this three month ordeal exposes an injured, abused Earth suffering the high wheeled ambitions of industry. How can David see toxic oil buried in the ground? Answer: dowsing. Best known as the time honored way to locate a well, dowsing is a window to see a new vision of Nature. The Dragon and the Ice Castle is an introduction to this nearly lost folk art and its unorthodox applications.

But who will believe a dowser?

To prove his dowsing, David dug a hole at the mall site. And struck a rich mother lode of history, legend and spirit. He discovers his hole is at the place of beginning of the 1788 Salt Treaty, the first between New York State and Onondaga Nation, capital of the oldest surviving American democracy: the Haudenosaunee. Their Six Nation Confederacy aided the colonists to found the United States. The inspiring tale of this ancient government's founding is The Legend of the Peacemaker. It takes place on the same Lake as David's.

But there's richer treasure here than legends or lost pages of American history. David has a dragon by the tale. In Feng Shui, the Chinese art of sacred landscape design, dragon is a living spirit—the force of energy flowing in the land. The winged serpent symbolizes the power of the Earth. David's dragon coils 30 miles around the Salt City. For this mystery, you'll have to read his book.

Most of all The Dragon and the Ice Castle reveals there are unseen hands still writing human history. And there's a lot of unwritten history—David calls it Herstory. Part One is only a beginning. We should heed David's warning that Herstory is about to explode in History on the shore of the Salt Lake. And the events unfolding there are harbingers of a coming global transformation. The Dragon and the Ice Castle is a glimpse with a Whole Mind into thyme.

Take the peak, and discover The Hole Truth.

The Dragon and the Ice Castle
is a call for healing of human beings and our Earth
144 pages, 8.5 x 11 soft cover
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