The Green Dragon
The Unity of Biology and Ecology with Spirit
Sacred Space : Dragon & Ice Castle
The Dragon and the Ice Castle
Rediscovery of Sacred Space in the Finger Lakes

Part One: Chapter Twenty Five
The Pope Visits Onondaga Lake
Monday, March 7, 1988
© 1989 David Yarrow

I looked at my audience and took a deep breath. ''I'm glad to be here to tell you my side of the story. There's lots of confusion about why I've been digging holes on the Onondaga Lake shore. The press hasn't provided much coverage and what's been printed is confusing. So I'm grateful for this opportunity to tell you The Hole Truth."

"Many people think I'm trying to stop a shopping mall, but that's not true. If Pyramid wants to build at Marley's, that's fine with me. I'm just trying to advise them about certain obstacles in their path which endanger success of their Oil City project."

"Others believe I'm trying to dig up an electric transformer. But that's only part of the truth. I do know where several industrial transformers were buried at Marley's, but there's no way I'm going to dig them up. All I have is a pick and shovel, and these transformers are 42 inches in diameter and ten feet tall. They sit 20 feet deep in an area where the water table is only three feet deep. So there's no way I'm going to dig those monsters up."

"A few think I'm trying to prove Marley's is a hazardous waste dump. That's not true. I'm convinced some of the transformers contain PCBs, a carcinogenic and mutagenic chemical the EPA banned in 1977. I have reasonable suspicions more toxic wastes are buried at Marley's, but I'm no hazardous waste investigator or chemical engineer. I am trying to get a competent, honest study of a dangerous place."

"You see, the real reason I've been digging holes on the shore of Onondaga Lake is that I believe a holy shrine is there. I've come on information the Pope visited there 1000 years ago."

"As I have the story, a long time ago, when Europe was just emerging from the Dark Ages, a Pope in the Vatican heard an incredible tale of a land far across the western sea where people had a government which assured peace, honor and liberty among humans. This government came, not from human cleverness or military power, but as a gift from God through a spiritual messenger who appeared to these people."

"Now this Pope was very taken by this story, because at that time Europe was afflicted with chaos, war, violence, and cultural degeneration. Many people speak badly of the Catholic Church, claiming it enslaves people spiritually with guilt and fear of hell. But I like to point out the Catholic Church was nearly the only institution to maintain order and enlightenment during Europe's Dark Ages. Imagine where Europeans would be today if it hadn't been for the Catholic Church during those difficult years of chaos and anarchy. My Indian friends say, 'Probably still in Europe' without much enthusiasm."

"Anyway, this Pope resolved that before he died he'd cross the great western sea to visit these people and learn from them about their government. He understood Europe desperately needed this political order, and he figured his best contribution to restore peace and freedom in Europe would be to bring back definite understanding of this amazing political achievement."

"So, as I have the story, this Pope did eventually sail the Atlantic Ocean to arrive at the mouth of the Hudson River. He sailed up the Hudson to the Mohawk, and then up the Mohawk. He hiked on foot west across the Ontario Lake Plain until he arrived at the south shore of Onondaga Lake where the Indians had a small fishing village near several salt springs.

"News of a white robed holy man from the east with white. skin and hair and a red hat spread rapidly. This fulfilled an ancient prophecy. By the time the Pope reached Onondaga Lake hundreds of Indians had joined him, and hundreds more awaited him at their capital."

"There beneath a great white pine at a Council Fire the Pope met with 49 sachems of this great government they called Haudenosaunee. He learned they were a Confederacy of Five Nations. The sachems, with their clanmothers standing behind them listening, explained how their government came about."

"They described how in an ancient time a spiritual man had appeared from the north in a white stone canoe. At that time the Indians engaged in violent blood feuds, wars, slavery, even cannibalism. Everyone lived in fear and darkness."

"This newcomer announced he had come to bring a message from the Creator called The Good News of Peace. He said they should adopt the Mind of the Creator, which is Reason. Through Reason humans can establish Health, Righteousness and Power. By this means Peace would come, there would be honor and dignity between humans, killing would cease, and no one would live in fear and suffer violence anymore. .

"This outsider is remembered him only as Peacemaker. He was an Indian born of a virgin in a tribe to the north, but at manhood he left his people to fulfill his mission in life."

"The first to accept Peacemaker's teaching was the Woman by the Warrior Path Running East and West who fed the warriors on their journeys. Because she was first to adopt the Path of Peace, Peacemaker called her Mother of Nations and promised her women would hold great power in society."

"Then Peacemaker went to Man-Who-Eats-People, an outcast Onondaga so mean and violent he killed people and ate their flesh. By wonderful means Peacemaker caused this terrible man to change his ways, adopt the Mind of the Creator, give up killing, and accept the Path of Peace. This reformed man became Peacemaker's spokesman and Peacemaker gave him the title Hiawatha, which means He Who Combs, because he would comb the snakes from the evil wizard's hair."

"Peacemaker and Hiawatha traveled along the Warrior Path teaching the Good News of Peace. First, in the east, the Flint People, accepted Peacemaker's teachings. Then the People of the Standing Stone accepted the Good News of Peace. But among the People of the Little Hills, the evil Onondaga wizard opposed them, so they continued west and brought their teachings to the Cayugas and then Senecas."

"Then Peacemaker and Hiawatha returned to Onondaga. Hiawatha's own people would have accepted the Path of Peace, except for one man. The last person to stand in the Path of Peace was the evil Onondaga wizard Tadodaho, who lived by Onondaga Lake. He had seven crooks in his body and his mind was so dark and twisted snakes lived in his hair."

"Three times Hiawatha and the Onondaga chiefs tried to defeat Tadodaho in battle. Each time the evil wizard drove them back. But now Peacemaker went with Hiawatha to Tadodaho. Standing before this evil man with snakes writhing in his hair, Peacemaker reasoned with him, and made him see it was to his own advantage to join the Great Peace and accept the Mind of the Creator. Tadodaho agreed to it, and was made Keeper of the Council Fire. Then Hiawatha earned his name by combing the snakes from Tadodaho's hair."

"Peacemaker gathered all the Five Nations together on the Onondaga Lake shore at Hiawatha Point. There he uprooted a white pine to reveal a deep cavern with a river running along its bottom. He told the warriors to cast their weapons into this pit. Peacemaker then replanted the White Pine, and proclaimed , 'This is burying the hatchet, to signify that killing has ceased.'''

"The white pine became the Tree of Peace, symbol of the Five Nations Confederacy. Its 5 needles clasped as one signify 5 nations are now one. Peacemaker took an arrow and broke it to show how weak one nation is. Then he bound five arrows with leather and showed this could not be broken. Peacemaker said, 'Thus there's strength in unity, and no nation can remove its arrow.' Atop the Tree of Peace he placed the "Eagle-that-sees-afar, to be ever vigilant for any threat to the Great Peace."

"Beneath the Tree four White Roots of Peace run out to the comers of the Earth. Peacemaker said any person or nation who desires peace can follow the roots to their source and be accepted under the shelter of the Tree of Peace."

"This done, Peacemaker then transmitted the specific instructions called The Great Law of Peace of the Five Nations Confederacy government. The Great Law takes eight days to recite, for it details the structure and operation of the Confederacy. With Tadodaho as chief of chiefs, Onondaga Nation became the capital of the Confederacy, the Firekeepers who host meetings of the Five Nations Council."

"'Peacemaker declared his work was done and he would now disappear. But if the Great Peace was ever threatened they could call his name and he would return. Then he vanished."

"The Pope was stunned to hear this entire tale, which I've only summarized here. He was overjoyed that God, in his infinite kindness and wisdom, had given such a great gift of peaceful government to the people of Earth. But he was sad because he realized Europe wasn't ready for this form of government yet."

"But the Pope resolved to do what he could to assure this wonderful gift of God to humanity would continue to thrive and prosper on Earth. Perhaps someday this great teaching would spread around the world and peace, freedom and happiness would be the birthright and experience of all humans."

"So, as I have the story, the Pope stood under a pine tree on the Onondaga Lake shore. The Indians gathered around him in a wide circle. The Pope raised up his arms and waved them back and forth, speaking loudly many blessings to the Indians and their government. He said, in his best Vatican accent, 'PCB, PCB, PCB, PCB.' And the Indians were transformed."

I paused to let this sudden twist in my tale take its terrible effect. In the room were ten young men and two women, top seniors in Political Science. I was speaking to a special seminar in Environmental Politics at Lemoyne College. In meaningful irony, the college is named after Father Samuel Lemoyne, a Jesuit priest who founded a settlement on Onondaga Lake in the 1600's and first proposed a salt industry at Onondaga Lake.

I came to be thereby another meaningful coincidence. On February 19 I'd delivered The Hole Truth to Bruce Kenan's office. The next Tuesday, when I called Bruce to tell him I'd punctured a transformer, he insisted he hadn't received the materials. So I promised to deliver another set to him that week.

So Friday, I stopped at Pyramid to deliver the second set. I waited in the marble halls of the Clinton Exchange for Bruce's secretary to descend the stairs. I stood on an Oriental carpet beside a glass wall behind the receptionist station. Inside, a group of young people in dresses and suits were listening to a Pyramid spokesman explaining the Oil City Project.

A young man stepped out to ask, "Are you David Yarrow?" "Yes," I replied, feeling uncomfortable at this recognition.

"I recognized you from the picture in the New Times," he said. "Our class is studying Environmental Politics at Lemoyne College. Would you like to tell us your side of the story?"

"Right now?" I asked. I wasn't excited. More like confused.

''No. I'll call you to set a date." He was excited.

So I gave him my newly printed business card, which said "Macrobiotics: Pathway to Health and Peace." A week later the President of the Student Council called to arrange this talk.

Now, as I finished my opening remarks, I was disappointed no one laughed, or even smiled, at my little joke. But then, it is a bad joke: Especially at a Catholic college.

Taking a deep breath, I continued, "Now you might think this is just a bad joke. But actually, this story is more truth than fiction. Because over 1000 years ago, a spiritual man did appear on the shore of Onondaga Lake to transmit a teaching called The Great Law of Peace to found the oldest surviving government in North America. Onondaga Nation, which is just south of Syracuse, still survives as its capital."

"Now you can understand why there's such confusion about what I'm doing on the shore of Onondaga Lake. It's easy to get your facts confused in a situation like this because truth is often stranger than fiction, and reality is far more obscure than what you see on the evening news."

"You see, the original reason I went to Marley's Scrap Metal Yard on Jan. 24 was to look for Kaneenda, the last village of Onondaga Indians on the shore of Onondaga Lake. It was abandoned 250 years ago. And I believe that day I found the lost Onondaga fishing village buried directly beneath where Pyramid intends to build their shopping mall." Then I told them about the new signs on I-81.

"Since then I've learned another amazing thing about Marley's Scrap Yard. On Sept. 12, 1788, 200 years ago this year, the first treaty between Onondaga Nation and the newly created State of New York was written. It was called the Salt Treaty. Not the SALT Treaty we know today as the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, the first treaty to restrict proliferation of nuclear arms. Rather, the 1788 Salt Treaty gave early whites permission to set up a salt industry beside Onondaga Lake, and gave birth to the Salt City, which today is Syracuse."

I explained that the Salt Treaty refers four times to Marley's as The Place of Beginning to measure two tracts of land. One established 90 square miles to the south as the Onondaga Indian Reservation, while all land within one mile of Onondaga Lake became the Salt Springs Reservation.

"To my metaphorical understanding, Marley's is the Navel of Syracuse. It's the point of land from which sprang the Salt City. Old maps from the late 1700's show salt springs, and later the first salt wells, were there. This valuable resource was called white gold. Today the road from Onondaga Nation north through downtown Syracuse to Marley's is called Salina Street."

"What I've learned convinces me we're witnessing the end of a 200 year cycle of history. And also a 1000 year cycle. Times like this when the cycles of the ages comes full circle are uniquely powerful. Myth and metaphor come alive and walk out of the pages of history. It's time to expect the unexpected."

"The world of Spirit is alive, and speaks to us in a language of metaphor, symbol and meaningful coincidence, which Carl Jung called synchronicity. The situation at Marley's is so heavily loaded with all three there can be no mistake spiritual forces are guiding the unfolding events. I'm no prophet—I can't say where these events are taking us, but I believe they have the potential to turn history onto a new and surprising course."

"For myself, what I have experienced since the first day of this year has been the most incredible experience of my life. To live through it this far has challenged me in incredible ways. You see, for me, the boundary between reality and metaphor has shattered and vanished, and there are moments when I am not sure which side of that boundary I am living in."

"Most people tell me we don't need another shopping mall. Especially not at a place like Marley's. But I laugh and say the last building at Marley's was a bark and pole longhouse where Indian households gathered around cookfires. On the 200th anniversary of the Salt Treaty, what better image of modem culture to build at "the place of beginning than a concrete and steel longhouse where corporations gather around stores."

Daring to look, I saw some were smiling at this little joke. I wondered how many were keeping pace with this rapidly unfolding imagery. I remembered they were the best and brightest, and plunged on.

"There are several unusual aspects to my understanding of Marley's. Some seem insignificant or unrelated. A few are unbelievable. But they all relate to the way we in modem society relate to our environment, especially the history of the land we inhabit. One of the most unbelievable is dowsing."

"On February 4 I met over an hour with Bruce Kenan, the Pyramid partner in charge of the Carousel Center mall. I explained there were several environmental problems at Marley's. At that time my greatest concern was that several electric transformers full of a carcinogenic oil called PCBs were buried there. Mr. Kenan assured me Pyramid's engineers had put over 100 holes in the site and hadn't found anything like I was suggesting."

"I can understand Bruce Kenan's problem. After all, how can anyone see what is buried six feet, or 20 feet, or 1000 feet underground?"

"The answer is easy: dowsing. But today hardly anyone knows about dowsing, much less understands it or uses it. And yet anyone can learn to do it in 30 minutes. In five years I've taught over 200 people to dowse. Only one in 20 can't dowse, and most of them can't coordinate their mind and body, or, more often, simply refuse to believe they can dowse. And so they can't."

"Most people know dowsing as a man with a forked stick looking for water. But dowsing is more than that. That's like saying math is merely counting to 100. Math is much more than that, and so is dowsing. Dowsers can distinguish between underground steams and water tables. Trained dowsers can tell how deep, how much and how pure the water is."

"But dowsing can find underground pipes, cable, caves, tunnels, magnetic energy channels, high frequency energy fields, minerals, bedrock, and geological faults. It's even used to find archaeological remains and dead bodies. And electric transformers." I smiled slightly, then gave a quick laugh.

"Dowsing is also called water witching. This association with divination and witchcraft earned dowsing a bad name in earlier centuries, and it was actively suppressed by religious and scientific authorities, and nearly extinguished. Imagine math was banned and all our grandchildren could do was count to 100. But dowsing survived because it's useful and it works."

"Dowsing involves learning to use the other half of our brain, which I call Intuitive Mind. Psychology tells us our brain is divided into two hemispheres: right and left. The left side controls your body's right half and uses analytical and rational methods to perceive reality. This includes reading, writing and math—intellectual skills we learn in school, such as Political Science and Nuclear Chemistry. I call this the Rational Mind.

With simple gestures I illustrated my words. I wondered how many of these twelve rational minds understood this concept. But I sensed I had the full attention of at least half of every mind in the room. The room felt quiet with high pitched intensity.

"But the right hemisphere controls the left side of our body, and uses a mode of perception called holistic. This mode sees many things as a whole, as a complete pattern all in a single moment. In contrast, the Rational Mind reduces the whole into parts and analyzes them piece by piece. The right brain is used by artists, musicians, and also mystics. I call it Intuitive Mind, and it uses certain modes of non-physical awareness, such as our ability to sense invisible electromagnetic fields."

"It was recently discovered that deep in the human brain tiny crystals of magnetic iron are buried near the pituitary gland at the top of our brainstem. Ousters of nerves surround these crystals. Physiology doesn't yet know the function of these magnetic crystals at the core of our nervous system. But some physicists suggest this makes the human body the most sensitive device known to detect magnetic fields."

"So we all have equipment for a highly sensitive awareness. These non-physical perceptions are our Inner Senses, which some call the sixth sense. Intuitive Mind has direct awareness of this inner sense, while the Rational Mind peers out through the five physical ones. Everyone in this room is left brain oriented."

"Dowsing allows your Intuitive Mind to reveal its awareness to your Rational Mind. A dowsing rod is an external channel of communications to signal the Rational Mind about information in the Intuitive Mind. Rational Mind asks a question, such as ‘Where is an underground water stream?' And Intuitive Mind answers by a movement of the instrument. Dowsing is really very simple, but can be harnessed to do very amazing things."

"This may seem impossible, but consider that bees and groundhogs can locate underground water veins. Groundhogs always put their holes above a water vein and bees always swarm above a water vein. If groundhogs and bees, among many creatures, can locate underground water, why can't you?"

"The art of dowsing reduces to two things. First is to master mechanical operation of the particular device, whether it's a forked stick, metal rod, or pendulum. Dowsing is in the mind, not the stick, rod or ball. But you have to learn to control the instrument, and decide what each movement means."

"Second is to ask clear, unambiguous questions. Ask a vague or imprecise question, you get a vague, imprecise answer. Like in data processing: Garbage in, garbage out. To get reliable answers in dowsing, you have to ask clear, precise questions."

I paused to peer around the room, almost glad I was too nearsighted to see who was asleep, who was awake, and who was aware to conceive the reality I just popped out in a thumbnail. I hoped whatever parts might be lost and confused, the whole of what I was saying would be clearly visible at the end.

"What does all this have to do with Marley's? First, I've taken eight other dowsers to Marley's. Two are experienced with dowsing for professional excavations. We all agree that several large objects are buried in the north comer along the railroad tracks.

"Some even agree with me on specific details: five transformers, each standing ten feet tall and 42 inches wide, buried in four holes. Four are buried erect as deep as a hole can be dug with a backhoe. Why did they bury them so deep? What's in them they wanted to never come to the surface again? I believe they contain PCBs."

"Since no one believed my story, on February 22, I went to Marley's and dug a hole. This is part of my story the newspapers refuse to print." I went on to describe events on that day, including the gun shots and the layer of oil on the water table.

"How odd Pyramid's engineers put 100 holes in Marley's and found nothing. Yet I dug one hole and, as predicted, punctured what I say is a transformer. Only chemical test of a sample from that cavity can prove if it contains PCBs."

"If no one will go to Marley's and take a sample, then I will. I'm committed to getting the transformers and PCBs removed and a more careful, thorough study of the site. I've detailed this in several press releases and letters. I brought copies for you." I passed out bundles of the pages I'd written in over a month.

"Probably Pyramid's engineers think either I cheated or I'm lying. Or crazy. They put 100 holes in the ground and found, in Pyramid's EIS words: nothing. But I dug a single hole and punctured a transformer. I'll do it again if I have to to get those mutagenic monsters out of the ground."

"The reason I can locate hazardous waste and a lost Indian village Pyramid can't is because I use my whole mind, while Pyramid only use half a brain—the left half. That's the way life is. In order to find Truth, you have to use your Whole Mind."

"To a Whole Mind, the tortured, contaminated condition of Marley's is testimony to the world we've created using only half our mind. I used my Whole Mind to understand Marley's. I looked where the engineers didn't look because those places don't interest them, and because they lacked the means to."

"Using my Whole Mind, I can tell you Marley's is one of the most important and powerful places in central New York. It's heavily layered with not only industrial fill and garbage, but also ancient and legendary history. Sadly, each layer is filled with dark and powerful secrets. Marley's is a dangerous place."

"Using my Whole Mind, I can tell you that today my greatest fear is of a tremendous fire at Marley's. At first I was concerned PCBs might get into Onondaga Lake or contaminate the mall. But now I fear that under the right conditions the water table will rise, carrying the oil scum to the surface. In the fire, oily smoke would rise from Marley's. Spiraling winds at Onondaga Valley's mouth will carry toxic chemicals throughout the valley."

"This is a story the press doesn't dare print. Until now I didn't dare speak about this publicly. But the ingredients are there for a massive environmental disaster. All it needs is a little more water and a spark. Building a shopping mall at Marley's is sure to upset the delicate balance of forces that accumulated there in 200 years. Rapidly and disastrously."

"If we're really going to have a livable future, if our children and grandchildren are really going to be able to enjoy this planet, we are going to have do more than build a shopping mall. We're going to have to change our way of thinking."

"Another meaningful metaphor woven into this is Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol which chronicled the rise of the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago in Britain, especially its devastating impact on humans. Every December the movie of this awesome social testament is replayed. In this classic novel, Marley is the business partner who came back from the grave in chains to tell Scrooge to change his ways. Think about it."

"Or how about this: I said earlier the first salt springs were at what is now Marley's. Early settlers extracted this white gold from the Earth. Today the area is Oil City where we store the black gold which is contaminating our air, water and soil and dragging us into nuclear Armageddon in the Middle East. Such powerful metaphors aren't written by chance. They evidence a powerful mind at play. They testify to the presence of spirit."

"This reference to the spiritual world brings me to an even more incredible part of my tale. You see, I don't usually dowse for PCBs or Indian villages. Or even water wells. I prefer to spend my time in the woods dowsing what I call sacred space. To me forest and meadows are fascinating and I've spent hundreds of hours investigating them with dowsing."

"I've learned there are places where streams of water and energy converge in the land. These centers are special places charged with extra vitality. I call them sacred space. My favorite pastime is to discover these places. In 7 years I've found many. To amuse my friends I call this odd hobby hunting dragons. I even told my girlfriend she had a dragon by the tail. My predicament is I'm only the tail of the dragon."

"Three days after I found the Onondaga village and the new signs on I-81, I was startled to discover my first dragon. Due to Marley's I had assembled my topographic maps of central NY to review all the fragments of knowledge I gained in ten years of dowsing. I have special interest in ancient Indian sites."

"Suddenly that information came to a unified focus, and I saw etched into the landscape a series of landforms which are a dragon. Not a living creature, but a flow of energy and a series of power places. In classical Chinese geomancy, which is their art and science of landscape design, these flows of energy are called dragons. And for the first time I saw one."

"Using a metaphorical mind, it's easy to understand a dragon. It unites Fire and Water in a single organism. Fire and Water symbolize the two forces in life. The Chinese called these polar forces Yin and Yang." I went on to describe the Onondaga Dragon, depicting the dragon's anatomy on the blackboard.

"I wrote an essay I describing this insight as I now grasp it. I hope you each read about this remarkable discovery of an ancient legend which has come to life in our modem world."

"A seemingly unrelated part of my story about a shopping mall, political power and environmental awareness is that last week a woman came to my house, and we finished filling out a tax exempt application for a new not-for profit organization."

"On December 30, 1987 I filed incorporation papers with New York State for the New York State Midwifery Task Force. I also promised to file their tax exempt status so they can receive donations and grants. The Task Force's goal is to encourage midwifery in New York and its recognition as a licensed profession separate from medicine."

"The Task Force began meeting two years ago at Onondaga Nation. The Onondagas view midwifery as an ancient tradition of women helping women give birth. Iroquois women have special status. Anthropology says the Iroquois are a matriarchy, but actually it's a balanced society where both men and women have power. Instructions in The Great Law of Peace were explicit: women held title to land, family name, and seats of political office. Women chose the chiefs who sit in Council, and remove them. They have power to stop men from waging war."

"So here, obscure amid modem industrial civilization, is a culture rooted in feminine principles of power. Iroquois women's power is no accident, but is guidance from a spiritual messenger. Native people's religion is based on respect for the Earth Mother. We all associate Indians with Nature."

"In New York today, midwifery is illegal, birthing is medicine, and only doctors can do births. This is an ancient struggle in human culture. It's no small significance who controls the passage through which we all enter the world. The power to reproduce is perhaps the greatest power God grants to humans. In today's left brain, male dominant society, doctors have seized the position at the mouth of the vaginal path from the uterus."

"I believe God didn't make many mistakes when he made the Universe. It's no mistake who he put in charge of birth. If you follow your long lost umbilical cord out of your navel, it connects you to your mother. Hers connects her to her mother, whose umbilical mother was your great grandmother."

"Intuition is the natural domain of not only the right brain, but also women. Intuition has a biological and psychological character which is distinctly feminine. Birth and conception are inherently intuitive events and midwives rely on intuition as much as technology. Consider the tragedy that it was women, often midwives and healers, who were burned as witches."

"In ancient legend most dragons are female. They guard eggs and virgins. These reptilian ladies protect precious metals and jewels deep in the Earth. This femaleness expresses the nature of this archetype. Dragons are the power of the Earth as Mother, and represent the unconscious intuition on which we erect our civilized intellect."

"Now let me tell you the oddest experience I've had in these last few weeks." I went on to tell about the radio announcement on February 4 about the dragon and the ice castle sculptures in Clinton Square as I drove from my meeting with Bruce Kenan to my first press conference. I tried to explain the meaningful symbolism and synchronicity of this event and its significance to a spiritual man on an unusual mission. And I attempted to explain the emotion which erupted from my unconscious self. I sensed their doubt as I struggled to define the hidden inner awareness that lay beneath that outburst of feelings.

"Today Hiawatha Blvd. crosses the south end of Onondaga Lake and Marley's is the backdoor of Syracuse. And Marley's backdoor is Onondaga Lake. A lot of garbage has piled up in this backyard in 200 years, including containers of toxic industrial waste buried in a pond under Marley's."

"In the Peacemaker Legend, the last man to stand in the path of Peace was Tadodaho, an evil wizard with a twisted mind. His mind was so distorted the legend says he had snakes in his hair. and people lived in fear of his anger and appetite. In the end he accepted the Mind of the Creator and was transformed."

"Today, legend and myth have come alive. At least for me at this early moment in this unfolding drama in history. It seems a new evil wizard has taken residence by Onondaga Lake. It seems he once again has snakes in his hair. It may indeed be there are dragons under the land beginning to stir after a sleep of thousands of years."

"Last fall I spoke to the Skaneatles Rotary about Agriculture in the 21st Century. After nine years organizing farmers I found myself in a restaurant with businessmen, professionals and civic leaders. I was in bluejeans and flannel shirt—they had on suits and ties. I explained, 'It's hard to tell you my view of agriculture since years ago I realized industrial civilization is at war with Nature. And I decided to take sides with Nature. The terrible tragedy and my great fear is that Nature is losing the war.' That said, I spoke for an hour, and then had a few beers with them in the bar. Most agreed we've treated Nature badly, and our offspring will pay for our mistakes."

"For centuries we've ignored, cheated and abused the people who first welcomed us to this continent. And we've devastated the natural resources, extracting and harvesting them to put dollars in our banks and budgets. Yet these native people stubbornly hung on and are still with us. In the last 25 years, they've endured three armed confrontations with New York State Police who threatened to invade their sovereign lands."

"And now we need them. We're desperate for the knowledge and respect they have of the natural world. We need their partnership to build a better environment and a livable future for future generations. We need their legends to teach us how to be peacemakers, to end our wars with each other and with Nature. Their Peacemaker Legend still contains timeless wisdom of how to create a peaceful world of united nations."

"And they are still here to remind us of the sacred ways they were instructed in by their own spiritual leaders and legends. They alone speak the language of this landscape. The name of this landscape is their name: Onondaga. And they live beneath the chin of the dragon which coils around our city."

"I can't at this time tell you everything I know of this situation. Nor do I understand everything I know. Nor do I know what's going to happen. But I know with my whole mind things which other people have ignored or can't see. You can now begin to appreciate why newspapers and TV can never present my whole story, what I call The Hole Troth."

"I deeply believe events taking place by Onondaga Lake are a prelude to a re-emergence of native America onto the stage of history. From the very first day of this year I've seen a growing stream of subtle signs of change that point to Onondaga Nation."

"Even if I'm only 80% right about all this, I'll have earned my PhD in Intuition. For fifteen years I studied analytical knowledge, and I was good at it. I was a whiz kid with my own office in the university computer center when I was a sophomore. But the next year I dropped out and never went back. Unfortunately, I don't know any university that gives out degrees in Intuition."

"So I encourage you all to keep a close eye on developments at Marley's. What's unfolding there seems to signal a moment of great change in the direction of human culture. It seems many surprises are waiting at Marley's which can turn the heads of people, and the course of history, onto a new path."

My talk ended as the class period ended. The students had little to say. I was sure I had overloaded their minds, and left them in a cloudy confusion. But they all took copies of my writings, so I consoled myself I'd at least aroused their curiosity.

The professor who taught the next class in the room entered. To my surprise I saw he was one of my clients at the Athletic Club. He, too, was surprised to encounter me. In response to his question, I tried to summarize why I was there, explaining I had just given a talk on environmental politics. I began to elaborate on The Great Law of Peace when he interrupted.

"Oh really?" he said. "Last year the annual college lecture was by on The Great Law of Peace." Now it was my turn to be surprised. He promised to get me an audiotape of the talk.

That evening a 40 year old woman with breast cancer came to see me—a bright, cheerful registered nurse who'd studied Edgar Cayce and learned about Mind and extra-sensory perception. We had a delightful time talking while I cooked a macrobiotic dinner. As we ate, I told her my tale of Marley's.

She looked at me rather oddly. Finally, in a quiet but intense voice, she said, "I know Harry Marley. I was his nurse last year." She stopped, and I remained silent staring at her.

She continued, "Harry Marley is in a coma kept alive on a respirator. He's had several strokes, and only becomes conscious for a few minutes once a week or less. I was his nurse when he was in intensive care. I think he was transferred to a nursing home, where he's still attached to monitors."
The Dragon and the Ice Castle
Rediscovery of Sacred Space in the Finger Lakes
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I paused to assimilate this news. Images flooded my mind and I lost track of my storytelling. I saw other comatose bodies I'd seen in intensive care wards. People struck senseless by illness and accident. I pondered why Harry Marley is trapped in this world, unable to leave his body and enter the next realm. I resolved to help him resolve his fate and find release from life.

Wednesday What's Shakin' in The Syracuse New Times announced:

An omen of a different sort was prophesied by environmentalist David Yarrow. Last week Yarrow announced "the navel of Syracuse"—the original mouth of Onondaga Creek emptying into Onondaga Lake—is buried between 40 and 60 feet beneath the site for Pyramid's Carousel Center Mall. Calling it the spot that gave birth to the salt industry and the Salt City, Yarrow said, "It's my profound belief that unless this piece of land is restored to health, the vitality of Syracuse as a whole will suffer."

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