The Green Dragon
The Unity of Biology and Ecology with Spirit
Sacred Space : Dragon & Ice Castle
The Dragon and the Ice Castle
Rediscovery of Sacred Space in the Finger Lakes

Part One: Chapter Thirty
Salina Dragons
© 1989 David Yarrow

My study of central New York topography and legendary history has begun to reveal other dragons hidden in the land. At present I have only hints and intuitions to guide my vision. For example, in the Peacemaker Legend, the evil wizard Tadodaho who lived on Onondaga Lake had snakes in his hair. Perhaps the plural "snakes" is a clue to the other serpents guarding the east gate to North America's water center.

Ley Creek is the third major stream entering Onondaga Lake. The name ley provokes association with the alignments of ancient megalithic sites in Britain documented by Alfred Watkins in the 1920's. Ley Creek enters from the east into the southeast lake corner, a few hundred feet north of the original mouth of Onondaga Creek. This marks where the tail of another dragon (perhaps two or more) enters Onondaga Lake.

Because this area south of Onondaga Lake is the Town of Salina, and because salt is the major mineral in the region's geology, I've chosen to call these the Salina Dragons.

They seem to circle east of Onondaga Lake and to connect Onondaga, Butternut and Limestone Creeks where they meet the Ontario Lake Plain. The latter two creeks don't flow into Onondaga Lake, but instead join Chittenango Creek to flow into Oneida Lake to the north on the flat, sandy Ontario Lake Plain.

Salina Dragons have a distinctly different character from Onondaga Dragon. Their courses aren't a smooth wide arc, but are narrow, twisted and coiled, turning back on themselves in loops. They're interrupted by several ancient waterfalls at places like Green Lake, Lost Lake and Clark Reservation.

Several small round lakes lie on the path of these dragons: Green Lake, Round Lake, White Lake, Evergreen Lake, Snook's Pond, Clark Reservation's Green Lake, and Lost Lake.

The coils of these dragons define several circular rises of land surrounded by the deep channels of these dragons. Some of the rocky circular "islands" are large three to five miles in diameter and crowned by fields of drumlins—small 100 foot high oval glacial hills. North of Dewitt, just east of Syracuse, several smaller round rocky knolls project above the flat, level, sandy terrain of the Ontario Lake Plain. In the post glacial period, these would have been islands rising above the waters of post glacial Lake Iroquois which was formed from melting glacial ice.

Dragon’s Lair
Navel of Syracuse

In Chinese Feng Shui, a stream is the physical expression of invisible energies flowing in the land. A lake is where this moving energy pools into stillness. Energy is also money, so a lake represents the accumulation of wealth. A lake's size, shape, orientation and condition symbolize the power the lake has to influence human fortunes. In Feng Shui, the position of a home or business in relation to a lake is of great significance.

The auspicious place to site a prosperous human enterprise is where the stream empties into the lake—where fresh energy (new wealth) flows into the reservoir. A dwelling properly built to face the source of water at this point can capture this energy. In a business this means money and financial success.

At Onondaga Lake this is an area in the southeast corner where Onondaga Creek originally entered Onondaga Lake at the time of the 1788 Salt Treaty. Ley Creek also enters at this corner of the lake, doubling the energy of this point on the lakeshore. The earliest map (1797) shows salt springs in this area, where white gold bubbled from the ground. In earlier centuries an Onondaga Indian village was here where they took fish from the lake and salt from the springs.

This southeast corner is the strongest of the three centers on the lake. Streams of Earth energy flow together here to form a powerful vortex. The effect is like a hole in the web of energy, drawing in energy just as a sink drain pulls water down and out. Just as the running waters of the streams enter the stillness of the lake, so Earth energies at this site disappear into the vortex. It's a navel on the Earth. It's called the place of beginning of the 1788 Salt Treaty, which gave birth to the salt industry.

Poisoned Power

Humans in the last 200 years changed this power center dramatically. This powerful fountain of Earth energy is now a stagnant pond hidden underground and poisoned with potent toxins. Beginning 1788, the salt was mined out of the land, harsh salt industry wastes were dumped, and its power drained out.

Onondaga Creek no longer flows into the Lake at this southeast point. In the 1800s it was diverted west into another channel. The original creek mouth was dammed by 1880 with a 50 foot high bank of the transcontinental railroad. A new channel was dug in the 1900's for the Barge Canal Terminal. The original creek basin was filled with 30 to 50 feet salt wastes, fill and city garbage. These thick layers of fill are now crowned by an industrial scrap metal yard put there in World War Two.

Today, the 1788 Onondaga Creek bed is Oil City, a field of oil tanks which supply central New York with gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, and jet fuel. The underground water table is suffocating under a scum of oil which has leaked from the tanks, and the air reeks of petrochemicals. Among the toxic chemicals buried there are PCBs used as coolant in electric transformers in industrial power grids. PCBs are Yin chemicals which resist breakdown, cause cellular and genetic mutation.

To Geomancy it is exceedingly significant this powerful point of land is full of iron and oil. The rational view is that humans put them there. But to Geomancy, the Earth energies attracted the metal and petrochemicals, and humans performed in unconscious service of the Earth. In any event, the iron and oil are there at this magnetic vortex, dramatically altering the natural energy flows in the field grid.

Iron is magnetic. Its presence intensifies the magnetic anomaly already there and increases the electrical conductivity of the ground and water. Iron rusts into a distinctive red. Iron is at the center of our red blood cells.

Oil, on the other hand, is non-polar, which means it has no strong electric character, and doesn't mix with water. To energy, oil is an insulator. To our body, oil is fat.

This situation presents a great threat to Onondaga Valley. A precarious balance of water versus fuel oil, iron and salt exists at this power center. If allowed to persist, or grow unchecked, or released into the lake, this industrial mess may to trigger a great imbalance in the Earth energies of the Onondaga region, which is the eastern anchor of the Finger Lakes.

Toxins in this stagnant pond can be understood alchemically as liquid Fire about to be discharged into the Lake's Water. Such a release of Fire into Water will trigger a change in the Earth energies and unbalance them. A great danger is for a fire to erupt, spreading toxic chemicals in smoke on the wind.

David YarrowTurtle — updated 3/21/2000