The most beautiful experience
     we can appreciate
       is the sensation of the mystical.
He to whom the emotion is a stranger,
   who no longer wonders
     and stands in awe,
                  is as good as dead.

—Albert Einstein

Dragon and Ice Castle
Rediscover Sacred Space in the Finger Lakes
David Yarrow
© 1989
a    t r u e    a d v e n t u r e

In 1988, David Yarrow became a Folk Hero by halting construction of a new shopping mall on the Onondaga Lake shore, warning of hazardous wastes and gasoline under the site—and Kaneenda, an ancient Onondaga Indian fishing village.

David also learns the new mall is at "the place of beginning" of a 1788 Salt Treaty, the first between Onondaga Nation and New York State, and sees a geomantic dragon coiled around Onondaga Lake and Syracuse, the Salt City, where Earth's crystal castle attunes magnetic grid harmonics.

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