The Green Dragon
The Unity of Biology and Ecology with Spirit
Sacred Space : Dragon & Ice Castle
The Dragon and the Ice Castle
Rediscovery of Sacred Space in the Finger Lakes

© David Yarrow 1989
a true adventure tale


On January 24, 1988 David Yarrow visited the south shore of Onondaga Lake to search for the last village of Onondaga Indians on the shore of the lake which bears their name. What he discovered impelled him to step into "the path of progress." By persistence and civil disobedience, David brings public attention to hazardous waste and petrochemicals under a site in Oil City soon to become central New York's largest shopping mall.

On March 11, 1988 the Syracuse Herald Journal proclaimed: "David vs. Goliath—the healer vs. the $150 million shopping mall." The Syracuse New Times declared David Yarrow the "Folk Hero of 1988" for his solitary stand against The Pyramid Cos., termed by Fortune magazine the "green berets of shopping malls." But hidden beneath this public news drama lies an untold narrative of fascinating, unexpected, mind-stretching dimensions.

David Yarrow is a dowser, popularly known as someone who locates water underground. But like David's tale, dowsing is more complex than this simple, common image. For dowsing is a native ability to tap the innate and latent powers of our Intuitive Mind. This opens a window onto the invisible energies which crisscross the land and encircle the Earth to form the Web of Life—a network of sacred spaces, waterflows and geomantic power centers of a living landscape. The Dragon and the Ice Castle introduces several unusual applications of this ancient art.

Central to David's tale is Onondaga Nation, capital of the oldest surviving democracy in North America. Readers learn Onondaga Nation is 12 square miles of still sovereign soil at the center of New York, the Empire State—not a "foreign" country, but an original "native" nation. The founding of this indigenous government is the The Legend of the Peacemaker—a tale of a virgin-born messenger from the Creator who came centuries ago to end killing and war. On the Onondaga Lake shore, he planted the Tree of Peace to found the Haudenosaunee: the Five Nations Confederacy. In the 18th Century, this original "United Nations" gave

On September 12, 1788, the Salt Treaty was drafted between Onondaga Nation and the newly created State of New York, to give birth to the salt industry, giving rise to the Salt City: Syracuse. David Yarrow learns that Pyramid's shopping mall will be built at "the place of beginning" of the Salt Treaty on its 200th anniversary. Later, he learns that due to irregularities in how New York conducted its affairs with these indigenous nations, Onondaga Nation has a land claim which will restore to it the Salt Lake where the Peacemaker and Hiawatha founded its government. This land claim will also give Onondaga Nation title to the land under New York's fourth largest city: Syracuse.

But David has a dragon by his tale, for the Earth herself is its central character. Dragon is an ancient image to depict the coiled power of the magnetic forces which unify the Earth and all her life. Onondaga Valley, with its naturally salty Salt Lake—fed by an underground salt river—nestled in limestone bedrock carved with deep channels 10,000 years ago by fingers of glacial ice and rivers of postglacial meltwater, is a unique environment to discover currents of magnetic energy in the landscape. It seems Onondaga Valley's ancient inhabitants understood this mystery, for the landscape of David's tale is dotted with earthen mounds and other artifacts of an unknown ancient era of human history. And the Onondaga Nation land claim will reunite the head with the tail of the Onondaga Dragon.

The Dragon and the Ice Castle is a tightly woven tapestry of myth, legend, history, mystery, and metaphor set in the dramatic context of the modern environmental crisis, and a confrontation over a multi-million dollar development. This compelling opus opens startling vistas into hidden realms of History, Nature, Spirit and the Earth, to arouse and inspire readers, hopefully challenging them to reconsider the Nature of the Earth we live on. The Dragon and the Ice Castle is a call to action to assure a future for the next generations of humanity.

The Dragon and the Ice Castle
is a call for healing of human beings and of our Earth
144 pages, 8.5 x 11 soft cover
available from Turtle EyeLand

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