A Kansas Odyssey
Earth Advocate
David Yarrow

November 2011
Living Sustainably
on the prairies

Earth Awareness in the 21st Century
Nutrient-Dense Food Carbon-Negative Farming
Building Community Inside Out
David Yarrow

Yarrow in the Labyrinth

White Memorial Camp, Council Grove, KS

Living Sustainably on Earth
A Kansas Odyssey with
Earth Advocate * Food & Farm Activist
Inter-Dimensional Messenger
November 4 - 22, 2011

David Yarrow will share 35 years of insight and experience in earth advocacy, water and soil stewardship, organic farming, food systems, sustainable living, sacred space, and community empowerment in November in Topeka, Baldwin, Manhattan, and Council Grove.

David is from New York, where he founded the On The Rise Bakery, Syracuse Center for Self Healing, Northeast Organic Farming Assoc. and its certification program, Finger Lakes Organic Growers Coop, Earthwise Education Center, and many other initiatives. David is interested in Kansas prairies, and how Kansas citzens can be sustainable denizens and regenerate grassland eco-communities.

Currently, he talks and writes about how to sequester carbon, mitigate climate change, produce renewable biofuels, and grow nutrient-dense foods, although his favorite subject is sacred geometry and the multi-dimensional structure of our universe.

David's university education was first in electronics and digital technology, then emotionally disturbed children. His computer savvy creates and enriches his and other sustainability websites. His www.dyarrow.org website is an illustrated online compilation of much of his work, designed and upgraded over the years while carrying out his long-standing and demanding environmental efforts.

A key focus of David's odyssey is food, food systems and farming. His four talks on "Close the Food Circle" will address how Kansas communities can feed themselves in the emerging era of climate change, peak oil and economic difficulties.David will speak twice at Kansas State University Sustainable Agriculture class, including a Soils Talk to Willow Creek Student Farm Club on how to grow nutrient-dense, carbon-negative food.

David is first of all a healer, so his most passionate presentation is "Food is Our Best Medicine" on the art and science to use food for healing. However, in our era of global warming and glacial meltdown, David is equally passionate that soil--Earth's most ancient, complex communities--is a key to the planet's atmosphere creation and climate stabilization processes. David is leading us forward--beyond organic--teaching methods to create fully fertile soils that sequester carbon to grow foods and feeds that are "carbon-negative, nutrient-dense."

David's Kansas Odyssey closes with a special Thanksgiving Earth Blessing ceremony at White Memorial Camp, an ancient sacred site north of Council Grove. David invites everyone who attends his talks to join his pilgrimage to spread sea minerals and prayers on this extra-ordinary holy high place.

Then, Monday Nov. 21 in Manhattan, David talks about "Water: First Gift of The Mother." David is a Master Dowser who studies the water flows and subtle energy anatomy of the land to discover energy places and sacred spaces. David conducted two surveys of White Memorial Camp in March 2008 and April 2011. During his visit, David will be available in the daytime to survey properties and wildlands for subtle energy and sacred space.

The next night in Topeka, David will lead a special Community Conversation which will challenge Kansas citizens to build a sustainable food system that can feed Kansas communities through the impending crisis of climate change, rising energy prices and economic instability. David insists the most important technology for our future is Community--our facility to share and co-exist as citizen and denizen--to come together in unity, and choose what is best for everyone in the family and community.

From his own subtle field research, David believes Earth's energy fields are now rapidly shifting, re-organizing, brightening, activating. For over a decade, Canadian scientists have tracked the North Magnetic Pole's rapid swing across the Arctic Sea toward Siberia. These electromagnetic and subtle energy changes preface dramatic shifts in human psychology and upheavals in society. Clearly, this shift is from polarization toward unity, from chemistry to biology, from physical particle to spiritual energy, from darkness to light.

To anchor our selves, our families, our communities in this accelerating change into this limit-busting breakthrough to global transformation, David's instruction is to locate and honor sacred sites on the Earth, and thus begin to heal our horizontal human connections to biology and ecology. First of all, by recognizing the Mother Earth as an authentic, sentient, intelligent, compassionate presence waiting paiently to assist us in our self-inficted crisis.

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