The Green Dragon The Unity of Biology and Ecology with Spirit Mysteries of Magnetism
Return of the Dragon
Hazards of Man-Made Magnetism
growing public concern and scientific confusion
about health, powerlines and electromagnetic radiation

© by David Yarrow
Spring 1990, Autumn 1992


Electromagnetic Primer
Theory or Reality?

Part One
Search for the Dragon

is a plodding, twisting trail of evidence that leads toward
the unknown, unseen mystery of man-made magnetism.

Magnetism and Biology

Part Two
Spin the Tale on the Dragon

is a spinning reflection into a waveform world
behind the looking glass of Science
to bring us face-to-phase with the true Nature of our dilemma.

The Vitamin B12-Cobalt Connection

Part Three
Stray Earth Currents

reveals how design and construction of electric power grids
induce massive electron flows in the ground to interfere
with the Earth's natural magnetic grid.

Isaac's Apple
A Physicist's Fable

PHI: The Divine Ratio
Alice in mathematical wonderland

Part Four
Our High Current Dilemma

deposits us on the threshold of the '90s with a prescription
to transform electromagnetic crisis into timely wisdom.

Tree of Peace and Caduseus

The Shaman's Dragons

To B12 or not to B12?

is this vanishing vitamin truly a magnetic hormone?

The Earth Renewal and Restoration Alliance 2/14/2009