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Isaac's Apple

© 1989 by David Yarrow

Sir Isaac Newton
laid the cornerstone of modern physics
with his Theory of Gravitation.
On his rock of mass attraction was erected the enormous edifice
of modern mechanistic science and technological society.

In legend, the scientific tale is told how Isaac was sitting under an apple tree contemplating Nature and Universe. In his reverie, he fell asleep.

Suddenly the dreaming bloke awoke, jolted by a blow on his head. An apple fell from the tree, to give the slumbering scientist a knock on his noggin. The tree brained him, it did!

Startled from sleep, Isaac shouted, "I've been struck!"

Seeing the apple roll away, Newton exclaimed, "This is serious! How did this happen? Why did an apple fall from a tree onto me? What if it were a stone?! It could have cracked my cranium! I could have been killed! Or lost my mind to become numb and dumb. This is very grave!"

Suddenly a light lit in Isaac's strained brain, and he exclaimed, "Aha! That's it! Gravity! Gravity made the apple fall! Attracted by Earth's great mass. But my head got in the way!"

From that flash of insight, Isaac went on to develop theory and equations to express his Law of Gravitation, rational foundation of mechanistic physics, bedrock principle of predictability in modern science.

Until the 20th Century, which taught us Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and Einstein's Matter-Energy Relativity.

But Newton never asked two further questions. Had he made these queries, Earth today might be more healthy, Nature more whole, society more advanced, and humanity happier.

A second question never posed in Newton's mind was:

"How did the apple get in the tree?"

In other words: "What force causes physical elements to rise up out of soil to form complex yet predictable architectures of apple tree?" Or, simply:

"Why do trees grow up?"

Asked this, most reply: "Light! Plants grow up to sunlight."

But sprout a seed in total dark and see what happens. Root still goes down and shoot still grows up. Turn sprouting seed upside down and shoot will turn about to still grow up. So, while light affects growth, a more fundamental force exerts upward impulse to a shoot.

How does a seed know up?

Even modern science can't explain how a redwood raises water 300 feet from root to leaf, flower, fruit, and seed. Or how salmon leap up over waterfalls on their way home to spawn.

Modern physicists and theorists call this force "anti-gravity." But I find the term anti-agnostic—a negative definition doesn't illuminate, but leaves us in dark. I call this uplifting energy "levity." It's not heavy, nor is it light.

Had Isaac Newton picked up the apple to contemplate its shape, he might have seen an answer to this question.

All apples share a basic shape: curved and circular, but not like sphere or bubble. Rather, apples are dimpled top and bottom for stem and sepals to attach. Apples are really donuts without a hole at center. Instead, apple has five ovaries in its core.

One physical force with this donut shape is magnetism.

But not much was known of magnetism in Isaac's day. Ancient Greeks mined magnetite—naturally magnetic iron ore. China gave us floating magnetic needle compass to navigate land and sea. Now we know Earth is shielded in a magnetic donut field.

Today science still knows little of the nature of this universal force and is still in the dark on this invisible mystery. Yet plasma fusion is contained in magnetic torus; atom-smashing cyclotron is magnetic donut ring racetrack for subatomic particle beams.

We can begin to see plants as magnetic dipole antennae. Germinating seed generates a spinning magnetic donut. Within this dipole vortex of vitality, root and shoot sprout to grow down and up. Plant materialize as thin watery membrane of this twinned magnetic vortex as it expands in space and seasonal time.

Trees—the most giant plants—are fractal magnetic antennae which weave telluric flux into magnetic membranes at Earth's surface. When we walk in woods, trees massage our own magnetic aura,

Celtic Tree of Life
©1990 by Jen Delyth
leaving us cool, calm, refreshed, renewed.

As flower, seed turns inside out; expanding energy contracts to condense as fruit whose geometry reveals in compact form this formative force. Within fruit, genetic memory condenses as seed to inform a new generation—crucial in plants' life cycle.

So, an apple is geometric signature of the fundamental force that's Nature's subtle energy to organize and orchestrate the dance of chemistry into biology: magnetism.

A third question—more obscure and far more esoteric—never dawned in Isaac's star struck brain:

"Who aimed the apple at my head?"

Most people laugh—as if this is a joke.

But I give a clue to say, "An apple has five ovaries." I never met a man with ovaries. In The Creator's universal design, only a female has ovaries, eggs and a womb. The Earth herself—our great fractal attractor—to get Isaac's attention, knocked his nodding noggin.

In truth, Isaac Newton believed what was common sense in his time—everyday belief of common people: Earth is alive—a living being. It was therefore right, righteous and proper to do ceremony before you plow a field, plant seed, harvest a crop, or dig a mine.

This common belief is as ancient as knowing. Some ages and cultures honored Earth as Goddess: Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Gaia, Demeter, Kali, Inanna. Indigenous peoples simply say: "Mother."

Sadly, Isaac Newton was among the last scientist in his age to believe in Earth as spiritual essence. By 20th Century, such thought was ridiculed as quaint superstition or post-hypnotic suggestion.

Until recently, with James Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis and Phil Callahan's Soil Paramagnetism, to name two of a slew of new paradigm views.

Modern western science—like Newton—only half awake, uses but half a brain—left analytic cortex—and so incompletely perceives the living reality around us. Like a pirate with an eyepatch, science sees with but a single eye, peering with one dimensional view at a deep, infinite, mysterious Universe.

This Earth-as-living-spirit is no myth, America. No beauty contest for wannabe Star Women. I'se talkin' 'bout yo' Mama!

Western spirituality is similarly half asleep. The Christian rock is Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Holy who? Why can't we say "Mother" to honor the divine feminine as the third member of the spiritual family? Trinity is also where we blew off our first atom bomb in 1945 to shatter matter: electron, proton and neutron.

Let's hope 21st Century humans return to the common sense of Isaac's age and learn levity to remedy our current grave dilemma. To put our planet together green again, we must end this one-eyed blindness of science and religion to spirit, then marry them together to form a truly holy Trinity of Family and Ecology.

I wonder what Sir Isaac Newton, founding father of modern mechanistic physics, would give for these few megabytes of digital data stored on a magnetic donut disk in my Apple Macintosh computer?

So then,

"Why do apples have five ovaries?"

—David Yarrow
Winter Solstice 1989

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