Sacred Space : Ancient Temple
White Memorial Camp
Council Grove, Kansas
David Yarrow
Second Survey, April 2011

Words typed on a computer screen can't begin to convey my joy and appreciation to participate in 2011 Council Grove Gathering. I am a healer. To be among so many healers touched my heart and soul. The icing on my sweetcake was to share my hard-won knowledge to heal humanity's broken soul, and to heal our broken relation to the soul of the land. I truly have little idea what my two 30-minute talks did to awaken and enlighten anyone, but many of you spoke your gratitude to me after. I am tearful with joy my extreme effort was well-taken.

When I first visited White Memorial Camp (WMC) in March 2008, weather was chill, cloudy and windy, our schedule very busy, and I never walked more than 100 yards from the dining hall. Nonetheless, what I found was extra-ordinary, and instilled in me a strong sense WMC is a remarkable regional subtle energy center in Earth's living anatomy, but maybe the land was altered by ancient humans to form a "temple" from the land itself—a sacred space to connect heaven and earth and conduct spiritual ceremony.

I was so astonished by what I found, I composed a short powerpoint slide show to explain my insights on sacred space and illustrate the "Stairway to Heaven" I detected (green spiral above right).

Tuesday during this year's gathering, Jack Stucki arranged a ride for me out to the south tip of the land so I could study the bedrock, south horizon and energy flows. Climbing down to the edge where the land meets water, I wasn't surprised to observe that the ridge under WMC is formed by a thin layer (perhaps six to ten feet thick) of harder, denser bedrock—very likely a cap of dolomitic limestone.

But I was startled to discover another massive 27-vein waterflow system (27=3x3x3) not far beneath the surface—not much over 300 feet deep. I was more amazed to find it between two subtle energy channels that connect downward into the earth—one rising up, the other descending. A third ley line ran along the long axis of the ridge, between the two inward vortexes and off the end of the ridge to the south-southeast. The idea of a temple became much more likely.

The land had undergone a controlled burn recently, so I could observe nothing about vegetation to indicate the presence of subtle energies. And anyway, I know little about Kansas prairie ecology or botany. However, numerous animal burrows highlighted the area above the 27-vein water column, and the two inward vortexes.

A few generous folks arranged for me to stay over two extra days at WMC to extend my survey of the subtle energy anatomy of the land. Pat Embers agreed to drive me to the KC airport Monday morning.

So, Friday after the Gathering participants left, I got a ride to the labyrinth at the land's west edge. I discovered the lower edges of the labyrinth—around the entrance—is thickly overgrown with yarrow. In the labyrinth, a few yarrow plants were even beginning to bloom—rather early for this summer bloomer. In the photo at left, two foot-high flower stalks are visible by my right knee.

In ancient China, the I Ching oracle was consulted by a ritual counting out of a bundle of 50 yarrow stalks to construct a 6-line hexagram. Yarrow was the "Herb of Divination." In ancient Europe, yarrow was the "Herb's Herb", used in blends to activate properties of other herbs. It's entirely appropriate and touches my heart to find it all around the entry to the labyrinth—a man-made ritual sacred space.

The yarrow's thick growth over a wide area suggests many subtle energy channels converge and crisscross. And the energies are "talking" to each other, creating short wave, high frequency patterns. This seems to be a very busy place—a switchboard, perhaps—with a dozen or more energy channels, but I had too many places to see in too little time, so I didn't attempt to trace and map that hot "knot" of earth energies.

Saturday I walked my legs off—nearly three miles. After 35 years of dowsing, what I discovered blew my mind—expanded my insight and understanding beyond known boundaries. I marked as much as I could with orange surveyor flags and cloth strips, took over 200 photos. I ran out of cloth strips and digital camera memory before I finished my day of survey.

After staying overnight in Cabin E (furthest east of the dining hall), I awoke at sunrise Saturday morning. Sunday was May 1—a cross quarter day in the eight solar festivals of a sacred calendar—halfway from equinox to summer solstice. A temple is almost always aligned to sun and moon—most often alignments to sunrise and moonrise. I was 15 minutes late snapping photos from cabin E (right), nor was I in the proper place to mark the sunrise point on the horizon. But at least I now have a general sense of the site's orientation to the solar transit line.

The photo below is the east horizon from Saratoga Apple in Schuylerville, NY—a similar site where I monitored the sunrise in 2010. This gives a clear image of the width of the sunrise transit line. Saratoga Apple seems sited on another ancient earthwork temple where land was re-shaped to align topography with subtle energy anatomy (Mystery Stones). At the summer solstice I will coordinate an event there: Transition at The Turning Point

After sunrise, I explored east of Cabin E to the land's edge, then south to the water's edge. I found several interesting features—ley lines, 13-vein water columns, vortexes—but nothing remarkable or extra-ordinary beyond a turkey flock who fled at my approach.

Later, after breakfast and resting my legs, behind and below cabin E, I saw a partial ring of grass—a thin crescent of bright green. At first, I assumed this is from a firepit or other man-made mark. But careful dowsing revealed a descending vortex whose outer edge precisely matches the half ring of greener grass. And the ring opens to the east—the direction a ley line leaves the vortex. This green crescent of thick grass—like a vegetative lens—focuses magnetic flux eastward away from the cabin.

This vortex seemed part of the "Stairway to Heaven" (green spiral in top graphic) I detected in March 2008 in the field behind the dining hall. If so, this field of descending vortexes spreads over a far larger area than I found three years ago, when I restricted my survey to land I saw from the dining hall. As I suspected in 2008, this Stairway to Heaven is more than the six vortexes I mapped.

I marked each spring of water I found with an orange flag, and marked the underground water vein feeding each spring with a blue cloth strip (left). Considering the land is on top of a high ridge, I found quite a few springs are scattered around, most less than 20 feet, with a modest flow of water—less than 20 gallons per minute. So, I headed to the dining hall to retrace my 2008 survey, marking vortexes with orange surveyor flags. At each, I laid an orange cloth down to mark the direction of the ley line leaving the vortex. As I moved near Cabins D & E, I found vortexes and ley lines I excluded from my 2008 survey, but I didn't keep count or sketch them on a map. I detected perhaps a dozen vortexes in the Stairway to Heaven. All descend from sky to earth; none ascend from earth to sky.

I didn't need to dowse for most springs. They're obvious at a distance thick, tall, dark green upbursts of grass—two, three, four times higher than other grass still brown from winter. I've seen this effect at other sites, and attribute it to the extra intensity of magnetic energy associated with the upward water flow, not to extra moisture sucked up by plant roots.

Dense circles of pearly everlasting ("pussy toes", with fuzzy hairs on small, pointed oval, gray-green leaves) are a common vegetative signature of subtle energy. In open field southwest of Cabin E, pussy toes patches had just begun to bloom, and were distinct color and texture amid new green grass. Pearly everlasting grows at a descending vortex. About then, I ran out of cloth strips to mark energy channels.

One of my most unusual finds isn't much to look at: a circle of bare ground—as if a barrel sat there a month, killing the grass. Fifty feet furrther west was a similar round bare spot. In between, a faint circle of pussy toes, just barely in bloom.

The foreground circle marks a vortex of subtle energy rising up from inside the earth—up from the "underworld." These are rare, and always of great interest to me. At the surface, this vertical channel bends to become a ley line that runs along the ground.

These odd inward links in the magnetic matrix are from to a realm below the Earth. They can be troublesome to live or build on, since unusual, disturbing energies (perhaps entities?) can emerge from these upward tubes. When I find one under a house, residents say the room is disturbing, uncomfortable, cold, "freaky."

Ants like these upwelling energies, and nest in them (right)—not a single, large anthill, but many small burrows, often over-running the area and churning up soil, leaving it soft and porous. But while ants are attracted to and benefit from these energy fields from inside the Earth, they're not suited to human habitation, and seem to irritate our nerves.

The other bare circle in the west complements the first: a magnetic channel descends down into the Earth. A ley line runs horizontal to this spot, then turns down to descend inward. They, too, are rare links in the magnetic matrix, but more common than upshoots. In recent years, my dowsing deliberately directs me to visit these odd energy fields. I think of them as "umbilical" links to the Mother, and some people find them attractive, calming, grounding.

These two types of inward subtle energy vortexes are rare. To find both on one site suggests a highly unusual place. To find them on a high hilltop really gets my attention and arouses my curiousity. To find them so close together is unprecedented. I recall three other sites where both types of inward vortexes appear near each other; two were clearly part of an unusual sacred space—stone spiral and earthwork—but over 200 feet apart. The third is the south tip of WMC I visited Tuesday.

But here, these twin spin tubes into the Earth are only 50 feet apart. And they seem to be near the heart center of this WMC site.

Between the two bare spots, a small circle of pussy toes, with a few white blooms, marks a vortex rising up into the sky. Nearly every vortex I found at WMC descends from the sky. Descending vortexes are expected and normal on a high point, as they draw magnetic flux from sky to earth. But here is an ascending vortex between two inward channels. Wow!

When I found the bare circles, I got excited. When dowsing confirmed the losely spaced triad of spin geometry—two down, one up—my imagination blazed. The Stairway to Heaven is a strong link to the world above. Now, I saw a very strong and highly unusual connection down into the Earth. I thought, "This is getting deep. Seems Heaven and Earth are tightly, intimately connected, and in communication. Somehow. Is this some kind of earth energy temple?"

Temple or not, this is a unique, mind-stretching sacred place of earth anatomy.

I continued west across the open field, looking down at my dowsing tool. Near the radio antenna, I almost stumbled into a 10-inch depression—a shallow hollow, 20 feet across, moist & muddy at its bottom, with thick, tall green grass. When I saw this, my awareness and emotion surged—"jawdropping"—a strong burst of astonished elation.

The orange flag marks a spring of 30 gallon per minute only four feet deep. This is both an unusually large water flow, and remarkably shallow—especially on this high hilltop. Quite rare, and amazing.

I wondered if this is the "buffalo wallow" mentioned Friday by Lavetta Rolfs. I learned days later it isn't. I wanted to get a shovel to dig the four feet to see water fill this hole in the terrain. I imagined this shallow basin filled with water instead of mud.

However, this is much more than a big, shallow spring. A few feet beyond this soggy depression is an upburst of thick green grass that marks another spring—a common, normal spring—15 feet deep, just over 10 gallons per minute. I'm still mystified how and why these two water sprouts are so closely arranged.

Then I noticed more bare spots. One on the east is visible at the bottom of the photo above. Not visible on the north and northeast (to the right) of this muddy hole are two more. The three bare spots—each three feet across—each a subtle energy vortex connecting down into the Earth, instead of up into the sky.

In 35 years of dowsing, I never saw such a configuration of water and subtle energy. I must further study this extremely extra-ordinary and complex arrangement. This first encounter warped my mind too much to assimilate all that is going on here, plus I was out of cloth strips, and felt urged to keep going forward rather than carefully survey and map each detail.

"Uh, oh," I thought, "getting deeper." My intuition loudly suggests this is an "altar"—but not a fire altar to a Heavenly Father. This seems all about Earth, water and the "underworld." And it is sited near the center of the WMC property—seemingly near heart of the hilltop.

Clearly, WMC is an extra-ordinary sacred space formed by subtle energy and underground water. The idea it's an ancient Earth temple is evermore real and vivid. But since I've never seen such an arrangement, and still only surveyed and roughly sketched small parts of a huge area, I can only guess based on intuition, without any precedent to provide perspective or certainty. By now, my brain was boggled by this astonishing assembly of unusual features. I'm now "outside the box" of solid experience and understanding. But much more was yet to come.

But my legs were numb, having walked two miles already that day, plus all the bending over. So, I laid on my back to rest my legs. Very soon, I noticed a hawk circling over the dining hall in the cloudless blue sky, slowly spiraling from north to south and right over me. This synchronicity of blessing by a feathered being heightened my sense this is an especially sacred place.

I stood up and turned south and slightly downslope. I saw an wide area of thick, green grass and rough texture, perhaps 150 feet away. So, rather than continue west, I went to investigate.

This proved to be a massive upwelling of water—a 39-vein water column, lifting a few thousand gallons per minute of water from deep in the Earth to less than 300 feet below my feet. An orange flag marks the center of this large, complex, irregular-shaped water flow system. This is one of the most complex waterflow systems I've ever found—and closer to the surface than most.

39 is 13x3—a natural number for water, as there's 13 moons of 28 days in a lunar year (13x28=364). Since every body is a water body, every living thing on Earth dances to this 13/28 time rhythm. I commonly find 13-vein water columns at sacred sites, including many with man-made earthworks of ancient, unknown origin.

The rough, uneven topography is due to several holes in the ground. These were animal burrows—perhaps prairie dogs, maybe ferret or weasel—too small for woodchuck, the most common burrowing animal here in the Northeast. They all always dig their hole and nest directly above an underground water vein. Bees, too, swarm and nest above a vein. Even more than a single vein, they especially like living around these rising vertical water columns—often more than one digs their home above these waterflow features. The abundance of holes here suggested a creature community.

However, what attracts these burrowers is troublesome for humans. Sleeping above a water vein is not restful or healthy for us, and I strongly discourage building a house and living over a water column.

A few feet east of this water column, a thick, tall sprout of grass marks a spring lifting a few gallons within 15 feet of the surface. In the photo, an orange flag at far right marks this. I was again surprised to see two distinct waterflows crowded so closely together, and again wondered how and why this was. But rather than pause to figure such a mystery, I went forward to the next obvious feature.

Looking east, I saw another wide area of greener, thicker grass only 100 feet away, so I went to investigate. To my utter astonishment, dowsing identified another massive 39-vein water column rising near the surface—less than 300 feet.

In the photo at right, the orange flag on right marks the center of this large 39-vein waterflow. The ground bulges slightly upward around this area, and is rough textured, perhaps from animal burrowing.

At first, I found this unbelievable, and doubted my dowsing. Not just two huge, complex water columns, but two squeezed very near each other. I was intrigued how two 39-vein waterflows interact with each other, but I need hours to trace, measure and map 78 veins, and Saturday was nearly done. Another mystery to ponder and puzzle, and study more thoroughly at some future visit.

In the photo above, the flag on the left is in an area of greener grass. This marks a descending vortex that feeds a single ley line. I'm again amazed—almost dazed—at this tight arrangement of subtle energy features in a small area.

The photo at left is a close-up of this second flag. A dozen yarrow stalks are visible around this flag, almost 12 inches tall, with flower buds almost open. Yarrow isn't growing as thick as at the labyrinth, but dense enough to indicate the presence of subtle energy.

Yarrow's tiny, finely divided, tubular, leaves (right) look very lacy, and identify this plant as a short wave, high frequency antenna. Dowsing reveals yarrow grows in dense, crowded clusters where horizontal beams of earth energy cross. These subtle energiess are laser-like, in that they're coherent in frequency, polarity and phase. When they intersect, they can interact to create a high frequency standing wave, much like waves on water, or Chladni patterns formed by sound vibrating sand on a plate. This intersection and interference of coherent waves is how a laser disk records information.

Yarrow occupies areas with a strong high frequency subtle energy field, and—as we know from modern electronics—high frequency is high volume information carrying capacity. In modern jargon, yarrow occupies the nodes where subtle energy waves intersect and interact to generate a standing wave of high frequency. Yarrow pulls these short wave energies into the soil, and broadcasts their high information content to the soil and vegetation. Thus, it is no surprise yarrow is the Herb of Divination, and is a catalyst to activate other plants.

After this, I walked back to the dining hall. My mind and my legs needed a rest; my mind needed to digest all this remarkable information. My mind was bursting with new information, clues and insights too new and huge to fit my head around, and too tired to process it. I did get photos as a visual record of my intangible perceptions. Is this hilltop place fantastic? Or my fantasy? I wished another seasoned dowser could confirm this unusual information.

On that evening, I found new, better aerial photos are now available, and downloaded a full set, including close-up details at 110 feet per inch. Looking at a wide view of the WMC peninsula, a ley line was obvious, runnng southeast to northwest along the long axis of the land, along the vehicle path to the south point. The photo didn't permit an accurate alignment for this ley, but it goes through the Stairway to Heaven behind the dining hall. Perhaps this ley doesn't cross the land, but is "wired" into an on-site subtle energy circuit.

Sunday morning, I investigated a few ley lines behind the dining hall and down to the amphitheater. Yarrow and pussy toes in patches around the tennis court indicate a few vortexes, and I located a few water columns with 13 veins. Nothing remarkable, beyond that the NE-SW ley line through the dining hall runs dowhill and through the firepit in front of the amphitheater stage. It crosses another ley rising up the slope west of the Labyrinth, about 150 feet above the Labyrinth.

After church, I taught WMC staff to dowse for water veins and buried pipes, and together we located a well for the swimming pool. The initially skeptical staff were tickled to soon discover their new-found 6th sense can also detect and trace buried water pipes and sewer lines, too.

Then Toby drove Pat Embers and me around to collect my flags and cloth strips. They got a guided tour to mysteries that are plain to see in vegetation and animals—once they understood these obvious signs of the land's energy anatomy. Toby's remaining skepticism melted after he saw that plants, animals and insects respond to the land's subtle energies, making visible these invisible energy fields and flows.

On my return Sunday afternoon to collect flags, I dowsed each area quickly to confirm Saturday's finds. I even discovered a few details that slipped by my boggled brain in the previous days first glance. Is the land like an electronic circuit board—wired with magnetic "ley line" threads to process, store and broadcast energy? This concept of sacred space is more real with these new discoveries. But I still have a few pieces of a very large, very active, very complex site.

Sunday evening, at Pat's home in Manhattan, Pat was thrilled to learn her Medicine Wheel is where the two ley lines cross on her property. Without dowsing, intuition guided her to her yard's "hot spot." For further insight into ley lines.

Later, surfing google maps again, I discovered a wider ley line alignment with WMC. The same NW-to-SE alignment visible above in the WMC close-up, is also visible at 1-inch=2mile scale as a fertile, well-watered, darker green river valley that extends at least 25 miles straight.

On an even wider scale aerial photo (below), the NW-SE valley alignment leaves a visble trace to Burlington, KS and beyond—at least 40 miles—perhaps extends all the way to Arkansas. A ley line of that scale may prove to be a "dragon line"—a subtle energy line of far greater vibration and significance.

I was very busy last summer, including supporting Pat Embers to sundance in NY right before July 4th. I just now converted my early April email into this webpage report, and tomorrow I fly to Kansas for a third visit to WMC. Given my unsteady, fragile physical condition and uncertain future, I want to leave a record of what I discover in the hope others will follow behind and continue this work forward.

Clearly, the land at White Memorial Camp is extraordinary beyond extra-ordinary. I've only surveyed at best 20% of the land, and even what I've seen requires further detailed study. I found lots of pieces, but questions remain how these separate areas are interconnected—how they interact. The notion this land is an ancient temple and ceremonial center grows with each dowsing survey, but I still lack substantive, physical evidence for this.

for a green & peaceful planet,
David Yarrow

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