Sacred Space : Ancient Temple
White Memorial Camp
Council Grove, Kansas
David Yarrow

April 2011

A Labyrinth—Cretan-style, 7-layers—was installed at White Memorial Camp a few years ago as a ritual meditation space. This stone spiral was maintained and expanded since by loving, generous volunteers.

The Labyrinth is southeast of the Dining Hall, beyond the amphitheater, near the tip of a south-pointing finger of land. Thus, the Labyrinth is more than half surrounded by water.

A vortex descends northwest of the dining hall—between driveway and a tree. One ley line (pink) leaves this vortex headed southeast, to cross another at the end of the dining hall where speakers stand to give presentations. This ley line continues behind the tennis courts, down to the amphitheater, goes through the firepit in front of the stage, then crosses the grassy slope 100 feet above the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is on a slope that declines seriously to the water (above). Looking north up that slope is an impressive view, and looks like a rounded hill (below). This slope is a natural ramp, and was once a road to the summit from the valley far below. The hard, packed-gravel surface of a roadway is still evident west of the labyrinth. Not far beyond the Labyrinth, this roadway vanishes into the reservoir waters.

A ley line runs along the edge of the land on the water side of this roadway. Above the Labyrinth, this ley crosses the one from the dining hall, and seems to terminate in a junction of leys near the power lines on the flat summit. Near where the ley lines cross, 150 feet above the Labyrinth, is a large water column rises to distribute its water in 13 veins.

The Labyrinth entrance in at the bottom, south side (above, looking north). In April 2011, yarrow was growing thickly in several distinct and large patches outside the Labyrinth, east and west of the entrance. Inside the Labyrinth, a few sturdy yarrow plants had sent up foot high stalks that held tight flower buds not near ready to open. I didn't begin to sort out this obvious complex "knot" of subtle energy threads that crisscross that area. I'm still in the first primary discovery stage to carefully survey and map a very large, complicated site.

I anticipate returning the WMC later this year for another full day of land survey. I am hopeful this time I will have assistance to manage my one-handed juggling of assorted tools and equipment, including my crutch. Maybe I'll even have a fellow dowser or two along as survey partners.

This possibility gives me enough excitement to tough out another challenging year of struggle in the empire state—the state of denial—home of Wall Street, icon and throne of greed—headquarters of the 1%. I'm motivated to get through the collapse and upheaval of my life so I can study and learn more about this remarkable sacred space in the Flint Hills.

I pray I make it back in April next year, so we can join hearts and minds together in simple sacred ceremony to honor this living landscape temple, and the powerful spirit energy of this place. If we consciously, intentionally address this land with heart, mind and soul—if we speak as one to this sacred place on the Earth—we can amplify and beam our loving, joyful energy out into the Flint Hills heartland.

Our peak challenge is to radiate joy back into these bluegreen hills of Earth—to light up the land with a pulse of coherent intention and emotion. To touch this heart of the land and awaken this sad, sleeping mystery, and heal wounds from recent centuries of violent history. Not any group can do this essential task. The healers of Council Grove Conference are one of the few.

I hope I am standing in your circle when this magic happens.

Meantime, Pat Embers, LaVetta Rolfs and Robin Goff conspired to get me back in Kansas nearly the full month of November. This Odyssey in the Heartland on behalf of Living Sustainably is full of talks, teaching and land surveys, and climaxes the weekend before Thanksgiving with an Earth Blessing ceremony at White Memorial Camp to spread sea minerals and prayers on the sleeping soil, in preparation for the spring Awakening.

for a green & peaceful planet,
David Yarrow, dancing dragonfly
October 2011

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