Unexpectedly, unkown, sight unseen, I was invited to be keynote speaker
at the 40th gathering of therapists, counselors, psychologists,
doctors, healers, artists, scientists, and pioneers exploring
subtle energy in therapy, medicine, healing, and consciousness.

Gatherings are at White Memorial Camp,
a primitive facility on a hilltop northwest of Council Grove.
March weather was chill, windy, overcast,
our schedule was stacked with busy-ness,
so I couldn't explore much of the land.

Reports on my 2008 and 2012 surveys
of sacred space at White Memorial Camp
are animated Powerpoint slide shows

click a link below to download
March 2008: 5.8 mb .pps ver. 97-2004
April 2011: webpage
April 2012: 25.4 mb .ppsx ver. 2008

But from the beginning,
as I explored the land as sacred space,
I quickly realized it's an extra-ordinary place.
I never wandered 100 yards from the Dining Hall,
yet what I discovered in brief glimpses at the land
stretched my boundaries of experience and insight.

David Yarrow
Earth Advocate
Water Angel
April 2008