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Tree of Peace and Caduceus
Divine Order ~ Natural Relations ~ Hueman Law

In the New World of North America, for centuries the White Pine has been a Native American symbol of powerful, timely ideas about spirituality, ecology, social order and human relations. It is the Tree of Peace: ancient emblem of the Haudenosaunee—or Six Nations Confederacy, or Iroquois League—among North America's oldest surviving sovereign nations of indigenous peoples.

The Legend of the Peacemaker
is the Haudenosaunee oral tradition
of the Confederacy's founding.

In an ancient time people were ruled by war and anarchy, and lived in fear and hunger, preyed on by powerful warriors and tyrants.

One day a man—born of a virgin—appeared on Onondaga Lake to announce the Good News of Peace had come, and killing and violence would end. "Peace," he said, "is the desire of the Holder of the Heavens. Peace comes when people adopt Creator's Mind, which is Reason." For years Peacemaker traveled teaching The Path of Peace—that "all people love one another and live together in peace." One by one he convinced each person, village and nation to accept his teaching.

At last all people gathered by Onondaga Lake for a first Grand Council of the united nations. Peacemaker taught The Great Law of Peace—instructions for a society governed by liberty, dignity and harmony. He uprooted a White Pine, exposing a deep cavern with a river at its bottom. He had warriors cast weapons into this hole; the river carried tools of war deep in Earth. Replanting the Pine, Peacemaker said this "burying the hatchet" is the end of killing and war.

The White Pine—five needles clasped as one—became the Tree of Peace: symbol of five nations united in one Confederacy. "Tree of Peace," Peacemaker said, "has four white roots extending to Earth's four corners. Anyone who desires peace can follow the roots to their source and find shelter under the Great Tree."

Atop the Pine sits Eagle-that-sees-far vigilant to sound alarm when danger threatens.

The Great Peace endured centuries before Europeans came to the New World.

Today native elders insist Eagle is screaming his head off. Bald eagle is an endangered species, trees are sick and dying, and heavy metals have been dug from deep in Earth to fashion nuclear fission into powerful weapons of war.

The Tree of Peace represents Divine Order manifest in the Natural World expressed in Hue-man Law. Its trunk is an axis joining Heaven, Earth and Underworld in harmonius, balanced alignment.

Peacemaker taught Creator's instructions to assure human order reflects Natural Law. Tree and Eagle express the biological unity of Plant and Animal—the two worlds of living creatures. Four roots extend this image to embrace the world of Mineral.

In hue-man nature, the Tree is our spinal axis, anchoring us between Heaven, Earth and Underworld. The top tip of our spine is a nub of tissue tiny as our little fingernail: the pineal, master endocrine gland. This tiny bud below our brain secretes hormones to govern nerves and biocycles in our body. Melatonin—one pineal hormone—sets our brain function level to be asleep or awake!

The name "pineal" is because its geometry is the same as a pine cone: a double PHI spiral. This geometry in larger scale is flowers and seeds in a sunflower. In greater scale, our solar system's planets orbit in PHI spiral ratios.

PHI is The Divine Ratio, also called Golden Mean. Its simple expression is ratio of pentagon diagonal to a side. PHI derives from 5-sided symmetry.

In two dimensions, this is a Pentagram—symbol of ancient Greek Pythagorean School of Mathematics. The figure forms a recursive, fractal nest of stars and pentagons of progressive scales.

In three dimensions, five-sided, PHI-ratio symmetry is the icosahedron and dodecahedron. This fractal geometry is Earth's magnetic Grid, cell membranes, viruses, and DNA—a nest of scales in formation.

In primitive vertebrates the pineal is a "third eye" on top of the head. In evolution this electromagnetic receptor slowly sank beneath folds of cerebral cortex. Pineal is our magnetic receptor of Earth's rhythms and vibrations. It allows all creatures to navigate their way home to nest and spawn.

In metaphysics, the pineal is associated with the third eye chakra: our organ of spiritual sight.

Above our spine, wings folded, crouched in our cranium, is Eagle: our cerebral cortex. High flying Eagle eye expresses our faculties of higher consciousness. Eagle's seat is the pituitary—another master endocrine gland and crown chakra.

In the Mediterranean Olde World, this image is the Caduseus, staff of Hermes, ancient Greek messenger of the Gods. His staff traces to even more ancient Egypt, to Thoth, Teacher of Enlightenment and Founder of the Mystery Schools. Today this emblem persists as symbol of Medicine—modern society of healers.

Ancient tradition explains when twin Serpents twined about our spine ("S" = Serpent + Pine) stand on their tails to feed their neuro-nectar to Eagle, they unite into winged serpent:

The Dragon
Then enlightenment's blue fire is released through our nervous system. We transcend the physical/PHI-cycle world to achieve Divine Awareness.

Tree of Peace and Caduseus describe in different imagery from different cultures the same Hue-man Nature. They are archetypal images—transcending language and culture to express a deeper unity of biology and spirit. It's how we got from 5 to 7! From reptile to hue-man!

David — updated 2/15/2009