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SPIN VORTEX: double PHI spirals Life's Archetypal Architecture
Divine Ratio
Golden Mean
Alice in Mathematical Wonderland
© October 1996
David Yarrow
The fairest thing we can appreciate
is the mysterious.
It is the fundamental emotion that stands
at the cradle of true art and science.
He who knows it not,
and can no longer wonder,
no longer feel amazement,

Albert Einstein

is as good as dead—
a snuffed out candle."

Creator of our Universe has great love of a few special ratios. The Architect of Creation displays profound preference for a few proportions to design myriad forms—from star systems to micro-organisms, on down to molecules, electrons and quarks. These special ratios represent fundamental relationships between basic elements of form available for Nature to construct shapes to connect and contain the stuff of Creation. These primary and principal proportions of our physical world generate the geometries of life.

PI is the best known of these preferred proportions: the relationship between a line and a circle. PI is defined as the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle. Numerically, PI nearly equals 3.1415... .

Less well known is e, the numeric base for natural logrithms. While our number system is based on place values of 10, Nature's exponential geometry is based on the e ratio, which approximately equals 2.76... .

Forgotten amidst the modern rejection of math's mystic meanings is PHI, a natural ratio nearly equal to 1.6180339...

PI, e and PHI are not ordinary finite numbers with an exact value. Rather, these relationships don't have a precise numerical specification, either as a decimal, or a fraction. This imprecise uncertainty is expressed by the three dots (...) that follow the last digit. Those triple dots indicate this number is a non-repeating decimal. Math names these unspecifiable ratios "irrational"—an odd label—quirks in math's otherwise precise, predictable, perfect, analytical abstract conceptions of order in the universe. Yet Nature makes profuse use of these "irrational" ratios in multitudes of fundamental forms—from star systems to viruses and electron orbitals.

In our four-square, right angle, rectilinear society, PHI lies lost on the heap of history—a forgotten relic of an older, wiser wisdom. While PHI was well-known in ancient societies, modern culture has lost sight of its value. PHI was rediscovered as the ratio of natural growth during The 1600s Renaissance in Italy, yet we have failed to appreciate this profound proportion's uses again in art, architecture, anatomy, atomic theory, or astrophysics.

Yet, this remarkable irrational ratio provides exactly the geometries Nature needs to build the living architectures that provide energy and shelter for each level of protoplasm and every scale of physical matter: DNA, virus, cell membrane, plant, flower, ovary, egg, pine cone, pineal gland, planet, galaxy, spacetime itself...

All in fractal symmetric cascade geometry.

In the history of human culture, PHI
was the Divine Ratio,
the Golden Mean,
and the most pleasing proportion preferred
in aesthetics of art, architecture and music.

To know and understand the marvels
of this mysterious proportion
is to appreciate that truly
this physical world
is a PHI-cycle whorled
and we are the whirled.

Today, the popular public worldwide is covertly relearning this secret sacred geometry in a controversial best-selling French murder mystery The Davinci Code—now a Hollywood movie.

Slowly, modern man is rediscovering this ancient sacred geometry—the blueprint of God hidden in code within each and every element of Creation—and every body of biology.

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