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David Yarrow
Fifth Dimension
biology & ecology
The fairest thing we can appreciate
is the mysterious.
It is the fundamental emotion that stands
at the cradle of true art and science.
He who knows it not,
and can no longer wonder,
no longer feel amazement,

Albert Einstein

is as good as dead—
a snuffed out candle."
Vertex into Vortex
Spin Cycles

Like a smoke ring spinning in space, the donut ring is in constant spining motion. Turning inside out isn't a single moment, or a one-time operation, but a continuous, on-going, ever-spinning process—a moment-um.

But because space is infolded, the ring spins on one extra axis. A donut has one added axis of spin beyond 3-D (X, Y, Z). The ring can spin in the usual three axes, but also rolls and curls in on itself, like a smoke ring hanging in space while it rolls in on itself.

The result is that a point on the ring's surface moves in a complex motion. One movement is to circle around the hole. But because the ring curls in on itself, a second motion rolls the point into the donut's center.

These combined motions look like this:

This is a spiral vortex—a universal flowform. In our 4-square, material world, this appears as a 4-armed swastika. But PHI-sided symmetry creates a 5-sided, PHI-ration spiral, with richer geometric possibilities.

This spinning ring creates a pair of twin vortexes. From the top, one whirls into the center in clockwise rotation. The other, on the opposite, bottom side, spins outward in counterclockwise flow.

So, a spinning ring appears as a vortex whirling out from the center. Its rotation is opposite to the inward vortex on the donut's top—a matching pair in clockwise and counterclockwise motion.

As inside becomes the outside, the 12 dodecahedron faces become 12 donut ring phases. And the 12 icosahedron vertexes become twelve donut ring vortexes.

Coming & Going
Ovaries and Uterus

So, a spinning ring has twin vortexes which swirls down into and through a center, then out the bottom. One pulls into the center; the other expels out to the periphery. These two geometries are universal patrtern for flux and flow.

Joined together side-by-side, these two create a remarkable, familiar figure:

They describe the architecture of human female sex organs: two ovaries, fallopian tube, uterus, and vagina. When folded down the center, this becomes a male sex organ, with two testicles and a penis.

Nature took millions of years to perfect this use of PHI-spiral architecture to open this passage into material time and space.

Heaven & Earth
physical world = PHI-Spiral Whorled

When these twin spirals are superimposed one upon the other, the resulting image is a double PHI spiral—with a clockwise red spiral whirling into the center—and a counterclockwise blue spiral whirling into the center on an opposite track. Overlaid, these two tracks form the key to the geometry that opens the gate to magnetic mystery. In their symmetry, these twin spiral spin paths form a heart—which is reflected in five-sided symmetry, and nested in fractal PHI-ratio resonant scales—hearts within hearts within hearts within.....

Harnessing these higher order PHI geometries permitted higher order lifeforms to evolve, able to embody greater quantities and qualities and complexities of consciousness.

In botany, this double PHI spiral is the geometry of the pine cone. Pine is the most evolved member of the Gymnosperms—Earth's first seed forming plants. Nature learned evermore complex ways to harness this PHI spiral geometry to braid memory into sugar, DNA, seed, ovary, gonad, and nervous system. Sunflower, with a double PHI-spiral of flowerets Sunflower, with a double PHI-spiral of flowerets

Double PHI spiral is also the geometry of many flowers—especially the highly evolved Compositae family—seen most vividly in a sunflower head. Flowering plants—Angiosperms—appeared in evolution after Gymnosperms as Nature found new ways to harness PHI spiral geometry in plant reproduction.

Flowering is when a plant turns inside out—when innermost essence opens to the outer world to reproduce—sexual climax of vegetative life cycle. Within a flower are ovaries, within which DNA condenses in seeds. Romanesco broccoli flower, with fractal double PHI-spiral of flowerets

The pine cone geometry is the same as the pineal gland, master endocrine of human physiology, that sits at the tiptop of our spinal column. The pineal is our magnetic sensor which reads the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) pulsations of the geomagnetic field. The pineal transforms ecocycles into biocycles—it translates celestial time into body rhythms. Double PHI spiral geometry gives us access to Nature's magnetic infolded information stream.

Serpent & Eagle

In the ancient Mediteranean, these abstract, geometric ideas were well-known, and expressed in an organic, higher order image: the caduseus of Thoth, founder of ancient Egypt's Mystery Schools, who the Greeks renamed Hermes, the messenger of the gods.

The two serpents coiling up the staff are an artistic representation of the double PHI spiral—the spin-cycle geometry of the donut's twin vortexes—the world of duality, dancing in and out, up and down.

The eagle with wings outstretched above expresses the connection to higher energies and dimensions this spinning ring geometry makes possible. The serpent is the creature that crawls upon the Earth. The eagle flies high into the Heavens.

United, they become the winger serpent—the Dragon.

Heaven & Earth
The Tree of Peace

In the New World, these relationships find expression in another organic image:

The Tree of Peace
In this image, an eagle sits atop a white pine. Below the pine is buried the weapon of war, symbol of human intention for violence and force. This is the symbol of the Haudenosaunee (or Five Nations Confederacy), an ancient government founded by a legendary, virgin-born individual called The Peacemaker.

The white pine's five needles clasped in one bundle represent the Five Nations in the Finger Lakes united in one Confederacy. This New World image offers more balance and stability than the Old World caduseus. It portrays not only Heaven and Earth, but also the Underworld, symbolized as roots reaching down to the war club. Thus, Duality becomes a Trinity—a more reliable ratio—a more stable structure.

This Trinity imagery also symbolizes the worlds of Animal, Vegetable, Mineral—the three kingdoms of life. Hermes caduseus only expresses an image based on Animal.

In punny Celtic-Phoenetic English, these images offers divine amusements: not only do pine cone and pineal gland share a common root based on mutual geometry, but the word "spine" is "S"—the snake letter—plus the word "pine." Even as the pineal gland sits atop our spine, the eagle sits atop The Peacemaker's white pine.

The Tree of Peace offers us a most profound image of the order, harmony and balance of the forces and forms of Nature.

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