The French Coil
prepared by Tick Gadreau
October 2006

A French Coil is useful for inducing beneficial energies in trees and larger perennials. With a bit of fussing, it can be used for smaller plants as well. It will help the tree to be more healthy, repel fungi and insect infestation, produce more fruit, and to live longer.

The first time that I came across the French Coil was when I took a class from Tony Gehringer, then President of ASD. Tony was an almond grower in California, in charge of large orchards. He used the French Coil (and studies of noxious energies) to help his trees produce at optimum levels.

A French Coil is a coil wrapped around the tree's trunk, or if the tree doesn't want it touching its trunk (some trees are a bit prissy) it may be wrapped around stakes near the trunk. Using stakes is a method for smaller plants. One of the most important aspects of the French Coil is finding the trees "in" or "front" door. This door is a rectangular region covering approximately 1/6 of the trunk circumference, somewhere near the bottom of the tree. Each tree is different. Finding the front door is relatively easy by dowsing. If one is sensitive, one can feel the energy in the door.

The following sketch and guidelines will help you to make an effective French Coil. Remember, if you have a question, ask the tree or the tree's nature spirits. *

  • May I, Can I, Should I, dowse the condition of this tree, plant, etc. *
  • From -10 to + 10, what is the overall condition of this tree, plant, etc? *
  • Check the location of the tree for energy lines. At the 2004 ASD conference, a tree was struck by lightening. After the fact, I counted two other marks on the tree consistent with lightening strikes. When the energy lines around the tree were dowsed, three energy lines crossed under the tree. No wonder it got struck!! *
  • Would this tree be helped by a French Coil? *
  • Dowse to find the front door. Use chalk (with permission) to mark it on the tree's trunk. *
  • If you have a choice, dowse what wire to use. If you don't have a choice, just assume that the tree will know what to do with whatever wire you have. Remember, trees are a bit whimpy and manipulative. *
  • Starting at the bottom of the door, where should I start the coil? *
  • Looking as if I was standing above the tree, which direction should the coil turn: clockwise or counter clockwise? *
  • Is it all right to have the French Coil wire touching the bark? *
  • If not, dowse the number and location of stakes. *
  • For small plants, a single wire my be enough *
  • How many turns should there be in the coil? *
  • Where should the coil end at the top of the door? *
  • How far should the antenna extend above the door? *
  • At what angle should the antenna extend? (be careful that you don't leave wire for someone to get hurt on) *
  • How far below the ground should the ground wire extend? *
  • How long should the French Coil be left on the tree? *
  • Check the tree occasionally. There may be a time the tree tells you, "get this thing off me!!"