prepared by Tick Gadreau
October 2006

Non-Beneficial (or "Noxious") Energies are part of the environment within which we must live. By itself, energy is neither beneficial nor not beneficial. It just is.

Sometimes, these energies interfere with the growth and health of tissue, in our case, human tissue. One may see the effects of energy on other tissues. If one has a garden for instance, there may be a stripe that goes across the rows of vegetables or flowers that just never does as well as the others. There may be a tree or group of trees in your yard that are all twisted. Ants like energy, so they build their colonies on highly energetic areas. Cats seem to like the energy of the earth as well. It is not good for them, but they will lay on highly-charged "negative" energy zones. I heard a comment once after the "noxious" zones in a house had been cleared "my cats just keep walking around, back and forth, searching for a place to lay down." Have you ever noticed how the pigeons roost on one part of a building's roof, or gather on the wires in one spot only? This may be due to the energy of the favorite spot. To save a bunch of explanation each time we speak about energy, it is easier to call them Noxious Energies, or sometimes you may see them as Noxious Rays.

Entities often hang-out around regions of high energy. I have been told that they use energy zones as "highways" moving from one place to another.

Therefore, Noxious Energies, by our definition, are those that are not for your highest good. They are termed "noxious" because their influence exceeds our healing and/or defensive mechanisms. They are, therefore harmful and disruptive. They interfere with the well-being we are striving to achieve.

This general class of energy is generated by two major sources. They may be natural (created by nature) or man-made (created by us). Neither of these energies are necessarily noxious. They are potentially noxious. Whether or not these energies are noxious depends on four fundamental things:

1. The strength of the energy. We have natural and man-made energies in our environment twenty-four hours a day. Thankfully, the strength of most of them is low and our defensive mechanisms can handle the situation.

2. The individual's resistance level. When we are physically rested and our energy fields (chakras, aura, etc.) are tuned, our resistance level is high. When we are tired and our energy fields not properly tuned, our resistance is lower. Thus, the energies in a particular environment may be noxious for us one day and not the next. It is also obvious that a particular environment may be noxious for one individual and not for another.

3. Proximity to the energy. A particular energy may be strong, but if it is located a hundred feet from our residence, the influence on us is probably low and our defensive mechanism can handle it.

4. The length of time we spend in the energy. If an energy field is crossing your bed, for example, your defensive mechanisms may be able to handle the situation when you first go the sleep. Then the energy itself reduces the ability of your defensive mechanism to the point that it can no longer handle the situation. Your resistance level drops and the energy becomes noxious.

Let's now consider a partial list of some sources of energies that have the potential of being noxious. They are presented in two categories, natural and artificial.

Natural: These are energies generated by nature. They were here before mankind, are here now, and will be here in the future. There are various kinds of natural energies that are potentially noxious. Some of them are:

The Curry Grid: This is a net-like grid of energy covering the earth. It was described by Dr. Manfred Curry. Kathe Bachler in her book, Earth Radiation, indicates that the grid lines are spaced about ten to fifteen feet apart. Each line is about thirty inches wide. One or more of these lines of energy may be crisscrossing your residence. When dowsing these, they will be straight and vertical.

Vortexes: Energy sometimes emanates from the earth in the shape of a vortex; a tornado-like, swirling electromagnetic field They come in pairs, one spinning clockwise, the other counterclockwise. One might compare these to chakras. The "twins" may be only a few feet apart or separated by some distance. It is said, although I am not sure of the validity of the statement, that vortices are formed when Curry lines cross. If that is the case, one could expect a vortex every 15 feet. I have not experienced that frequency. I have experienced vortices. One can feel the cold energy of a vortex.

Underground Streams: Water moving through the earth may generate a minute amount of electricity. This energy can radiate above the surface of the earth. The energy line follows the course of the stream. Water Dowsers are said to tune into this radiation when they locate water. Personally, I find that water veins and domes may be very uncomfortable, if not non-beneficial. When dowsing for noxious energies, an underground stream may meander so it will not be straight as a Curry grid line would be.

Piezoelectric Crystals: Some crystals exhibit piezoelectric properties. That is, when pressure is applied to the crystal, it emits an electric charge. The earth has many opportunities to exert pressure. For example, the pull of the moon displaces the earth's surface approximately two feet depending on its position. The pull of the sun causes a displacement of about one foot. This flexing exerts pressure. If piezoelectric crystals are present, they will emit a charge that may make it kown above the surface. The charge will follow fault zones in the earth.

Other Natural Influences: Some locations may be detrimental just by the minerals under the earth. Quartz crystals affect some people negatively. Since much of certain strata (granite for instance) is composed of quartz, any subsurface strata that contains quartz may adversely affect some people.

You may live in a residence that is free from these infiuences. Of course, it is prudent to find out if there are energies that are not beneficial to you and your family in your home and do something about it as necessary. For example, one home Don Taylor [although I have dowsed my share of non-beneficial energies as well] was asked to check out had the following noxious energies radiating through the bed: a vortex (its partner was outside the house), two Curry lines and energy from an underground stream. It is not surprising that the effect on the overall condition of the person who tried to sleep there was a minus ten (-10). Her comment was, "I never felt comfortable trying to sleep in that bed." No wonder! While this concentration of noxious energies is unusual, it does occur.

I have dowsed homes with energies under the bed where the people can't sleep for more than a few hours before becoming restless. This is an indication of the body's reduction in resistance over time. When they go to bed, their body resists the energy. While sleeping in a noxious zone, their defenses weaken and the body feels distress.

I once lived in a place where the bed was located over an underground stream, just inches below the surface of the basement. Whenever it rained and the stream swelled, I could not sleep in bed. After it got done raining and the rain water fiowed away, no problem.

Bea's back always hurt her while washing dishes. I dowsed many times trying to figure it out, each time getting that there was no non-beneficial energy beneath the area of the sink (natural or artificial). I, of course, thought that it was a way for her to get me to do the dishes more often. I did note that there was a large piece of amethyst on the counter next to the sink. It was pushing out quite a field of energy. When I dowsed it, I found that this energy is what was bothering her. I moved the amethyst, no more problems. Bea had to come up with some other excuse to get me to wash the dishes thereafter!!

Artificial: Artificial energies are those that are produced as a result of human activity as opposed to occurring naturally. Some that are potentially noxious are listed below:

High Voltage Lines: Alternating current dissipates part of its energy when transmitted in the form of a magnetic field. Many years ago someone discovered that if the voltage was high; several thousand volts, the losses were low. This is why we see these massive steel towers supporting wires that carry thousands of volts of electricity marching out from generating plants across the country side. I once was hunting in a field crossed by a set of power lines. I had laid my bow on the roof of our Toyota Land Cruiser. While reaching for the bow with my feet in the wet grass, I got quite a jolt. Imagine the tissue damage if one lived under this power line?

Electrical Transformer Loops: High voltage is reduced through the use of transformers to a level that can be utilized in your residence. You probably have a transformer near your home. They are fastened to a utility pole about fifteen feet from the ground, and look like a gray five-gallon can or a gray metal box. Each of these transformers has a ground wire that goes from the transformer down the pole and into the ground. This arrangement sends out a loop of energy. This is like a wire extending out from the pole along the ground and returning, forming a circular or elliptical shape. Of course, there is no wire, but the energy is there anyway. This loop may extend out only a few feet from the pole, or may be many feet in diameter. A portion of such a loop may pass through your residence.

Main Service: This is where the electrical service from the power company comes into the residence. Wires outside the residence are normally ten or fifteen feet above the ground (they may be buried). The wires then extend down to the meters and pass into the home to the main distribution panel.

End-Use Devices: The devices that eventually use the electricity may also emit energies that are noxious because of their strength, our resistance level, proximity, and time of exposure. Some of these devices are televisions, radios, computers, electric blankets, clocks, hair dryers, microwave ovens, and fluorescent lights. I just recently was talking with a long-time dowser about noxious energies, and she claimed that she could not sleep unless she had her electric blanket on. Ordinarily, I would caution against electric blankets. For her, apparently it was not just OK, but mandatory!

Electromagnetic Radiation: This radiation inc1udes the radio waves from broadcast stations, microwaves from police radios, microwaves from cell phones, radio waves from remote telephones, and a litany of many others. On page 275 of their book, The Body Electric, Becker and Selden state, "The human species has changed its electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of the environment. For example, the density of radio waves around us is now 100 million or 200 million times the natural level reaching us from the sun." This is something to consider.

A few years ago, Bea and I were looking for a house to buy. We came across a pretty decent house for a pretty decent price, or so we thought. We made an appointment to look at this house. As we drove up to the housem, we noted that a high voltage power line passed less than 200 feet from the house. The house was on the side of a hill, and about 300 yards up the hill was a broadcast radio tower and a microwave cellular telephone tower. I got out of my car and my head started to buzz, very similar to listening to a piercing noise over a period of time and your thoughts get cloudy. We stuck around long enough to realize that one could not possibly live in such a house. Interestingly enough, the foundation walls were all cracked. I have noted this when there are non-beneficial energies coming up through a basement floor: they generally create a crack in the basement floor. If you have a concrete basement floor, look for cracks, then dowse them for noxious energies. We dowsed the house and found it could not be made livable for either of us. We looked around: nice house—too bad. Well, Bea and I got back in our car and less than a 1/4 mile down the road my head cleared. I am sorry for the folks who eventually purchased the house. I hope their protection and tolerance is better than mine.

The following image illustrates some potential noxious energy sources.