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Dan Winter asked:
"What does yarrow flower
mean, geomantically?

Yarrow's highly honorable scientific name:

Achillea millefolium
—"Achilles' thousand-leaved herb"—
is named for the great Greek leader of warriors in the Trojan War, who bound the wounds of his warriors with yarrow to staunch the flow of their blood—ancient testimony to the herb's astringent and antiseptic properties.

Achilles, the great Greek warrior, was invulnerable in battle, except the one heel where his mother held him as she dipped her infant in a holy water potion. However, Achilles met his end when shot in the heel by a poison "arrow."

Hermes, messenger of the ancient Greek gods, had wings on his helmet and wings on his heels. On his holy errands, whenever his feet touched the earth, his heel feathers leave leaves of yarrow, sign of The Divine Messenger.

Yarrow is a perennial herb common in fields and meadows in a wide range of soils and climates throughout the temperate zone of America, Europe and Asia. The common variety is white, but several shades from pink through orange to magenta are known, including some blushing pastels. Yarrow blooms June through frost, dense flower clusters standing in flat-topped umbels two to three feet tall.

Yarrow's dark green, very finely divided, lacy leaf stucture ("millefolium") is more even elaborate than Queen Anne's Lace [or wild carrot], with which it is confused. Yarrow leaves look like green feathers. Often yarrow grows in thick, perennial clumps several feet in diameter, crowding out grass, herbs and weeds.

Yarrow's unique and minute leaf structure makes it a short wave antenna. Dr. Phil Callahan analyzed insect antennae to show they are actually microwave receptors—tiny high frequency sensors. So, each yarrow leaf is a radio receiver antenna array attuned to high frequency flux. An entire yarrow plant is a great high frequency transformer, switching and grounding streams of subtle earth energy flux.

Yarrow in Europe is "the herb's herb" because it stimulates growth, and improves essential oil and mineral content of herbs or plants it grows with. For example, yarrow grown with mints increases percent yield of essential oil. yarrow grown with wheat increases quantity and quality of yield.

Similarly, Yarrow is blended in formulas to enhance effects of other herbs mixed in herbal remedies and medications.

Yarrow often grows in strong, distinct, thick patches—even in urban lawns—at cross[X]ings of energy beams of earth flux [web threads, or "energy ley lines"]. These landscape "ley line" long waves often interact at these Xings to form a standing wave interference field. yarrow occupies these intersections to ground those energies into the local flux field. yarrow brings hi-frequency information from higher altitude atom-o-spheres into local spacetime.

Yarrow's nectar and pollen is prized by stinging insects, but especially wasps—hi-frequency creatures, also. In moments of bloom, a flower opens a fluxflow channel between sky and soil—Heaven and Earth—as in its life cycle climax the plant's life essence opens inside to out. Earth's hi-frequency longwave magnetic pulse is captured in crystal nectar ecstacy and braided into dna memory.

Yarrow is a healing herb. According to Three Crows, yarrow leaf tincture protects against exposure to electromagnetic radiation, including microwaves. And yarrow flower essence protects against high frequency and high energy radiations, such as X-rays and nuclear.

Yarrow in Ancient China was bestowed the honorable name "herb of divination." Traditionally, the venerable oracle I Ching was consulted by counting out 49 + 1 yarrow stalks and placing the remains in 4 spaces between 5 fingers to construct a 6-line hexagram. [The modern shortcut is to cast three round coins with square holes.]

"Yarrow"—as a cryptic Celtic phonetic alphabet anagram—is "Y"—the only letter that asks a question ["why?"]—also the dowser's forked stick—followed by "arrow"—a feathered shaft which points the way and seeks a target. So its very punny English name denotes oracular access to spiritual guidance:

and "arrow" is both
"air" + "O"
—and "A" + "row."

David Yarrow
Turtle EyeLand Sanctuary

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