Smart home technology to save energy at home

Smart home technology to save energy at home

Ever feel that chill in the air even though you just cranked up the heat? Or maybe you’ve left the lights on in that empty guest room all day. We’ve all been there! But what if your home could be a little smarter about energy use?

The good news is, it can. Smart home technology is no longer just science fiction. It’s here, it’s easy to use, and it can significantly reduce your energy consumption, saving you money on utility bills and helping the environment.

10 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste in Daily Life

10 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste in Daily Life

Plastic pollution is a global crisis that affects our environment, wildlife, and human health. Single-use plastics, in particular, have become a significant contributor to this problem.

Fortunately, there are easy and effective ways for us to reduce plastic waste in our daily lives. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 simple steps you can take to make a positive impact on our planet while adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

What is ecosexuality and how does it promote environmental awareness?

ecosexual hugs tree

In recent years, a unique and intriguing concept has emerged that combines environmentalism and sex, known as ecosexuality.

It is important to address any misconceptions from the outset—ecosexuality is not pornographic in nature. These are not people that are looking to make a you porn video with the earth.

Rather, it represents an innovative movement that advocates for viewing the Earth as a lover and partner, fostering a deeper and more intimate connection with nature while promoting environmental awareness.

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Beyond Materialism: Spirituality’s Impact on Environmental Sustainability

An image of a woman enjoying the view of a sunset while sitting on a swing, immersed in the beauty of the moment.

In today’s consumer-driven world, the profound connection between spirituality and environmental sustainability often goes unnoticed. However, when we delve deeper, we discover that spirituality offers a transformative lens through which we can recognize the sacredness of the Earth and our interconnectedness with all living beings. It provides an ethical framework, emotional support, and a profound sense of purpose, inspiring individuals and communities to adopt sustainable practices. This article delves into the impact of spirituality on environmental sustainability, exploring its transformative potential in nurturing a harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.

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Get connected to the Earth

The spirituality that connects you to the Earth

In today’s busy world, forming a real connection with the earth seems almost impossible. Most people spend most of their waking hours indoors, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, even recreational, entertainment, and social activity are confined to a screen and many times even wasting time with porno videos that help further distance us from reality. This leaves us with little opportunity to connect with our surroundings.

If you’ve been feeling especially stressed and anxious lately, it may be due to a lack of exposure to nature. A study published in 2017 found that spending time outside helps reduce stress levels and improve mood. And while we don’t always think about how much time we spend outdoors, research suggests that we could benefit from being out in nature more often.

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Eco-spirituality: to be and feel like Earth

The term ecology does not refer only to an “outside ecology”, that is, to ecosystems in their unstable balance. It also encompasses an entire “inner ecology”, proper to the human being: the universe of his psyche, of his affections, of his spirituality, of his basic relationships, both with himself and with others, and with the world and with God.

We belong to the Earth, we are sons and daughters of the Earth. We are Earth. The human being comes from humus. We come from the Earth and we will return to the Earth. The Earth is not before us as something distant and different from ourselves. We have the Earth within us. We are the Earth itself that, as we evolve, has reached the stage of feeling, understanding, will, responsibility and veneration. We are the Earth in its moment of self-realization and self-consciousness.

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“The earthly and the spiritual world are similar,” says the seer

“What is below is like what is above. The somewhat enigmatic phrase appears in the work of several mystics and hermetic thinkers:

Hermes Trimegisto, Flamel, Swendenborg among others. We can understand it on two levels: the first and simpler – superficial – and the other – deep – linked to very challenging complexities.


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