“The earthly and the spiritual world are similar,” says the seer

“What is below is like what is above. The somewhat enigmatic phrase appears in the work of several mystics and hermetic thinkers:

Hermes Trimegisto, Flamel, Swendenborg among others. We can understand it on two levels: the first and simpler – superficial – and the other – deep – linked to very challenging complexities.


  • Level 1: the earthly world and spiritual space are similar. They correspond intrinsically. There is a channel of contact between the two sides, and apart from the things we observe here being material and those ineffable there, there is no other difference.
  • Level 2: this issue becomes more challenging as we understand, after careful reflection, the immense diversity of scenarios and richness of ecologies present and visible here – which, following what was stated in the first line, reverberates on the other side. The world is very diverse. Let’s see, for example, Brazil. São Paulo is much less hot than Belém do Pará; the tropical wind that blows in Porto Seguro is distinct, humid, as it is not found in São Joaquim. Regions, places. They carry specific and singular marks.

What do we learn from this? It takes freedom to travel through landscapes and destinations. For any tour to be worthwhile, travelers and travelers must identify themselves. That’s why some people prefer countryside or beach, mountain or jungle, camping or resort. In the same way, on the other side, the destinations will also be chosen. They will cause more or less impact and emotion, more or less deep marks in the memory.

In fact, we do tourism here and there. That’s right, both experiences can be defined exactly like this: tourism. When we cross the border, in any direction (from there to here or vice-versa), what we could call a repertory of information is erased. But, and this is very important, an essence of the things learned, a kind of support, a background color that influences the tone of any paint that is applied on it, adhered, remains forever.

At the beginning of a new transit, the basis for building experiences will be this tenuous and fleeting repertoire, the only deposit of references that we carry with our soul and does not dissolve when we pass from this to the other side. It will sustain the first decisions made, marking the path that will unfold throughout the subsequent journey.

It is wrong to imagine that when we change dimensions we are completely empty, in nothing, absolutely pure. References – of course, rationally unattainable – indelible, accompany us and serve as the basis for the initial choices, choices of the first paths, very early route adjustments. These references will accompany us later and at all times.

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